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  1. Many thanks to boen_robot and Deirdre's Dad.Deirdre's Dad code are work for me. My next step is to correct the attributes of tags.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><Note><from id=5 name=test>Ahmad</from><to>Yasir</to></Note>How i correct these attributes.i.e.<from id="5" name="test">Ahmad</from>Help will be appreciated.Regards,Ajmal
  2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><Note><from>Ahmad</from><to>Yasir</to><body>hello yasir.</Note>Above is my xml file which misses the ending tag of <body>.i want a php program that will detect this error and also fix the error and place the ending tag.can someone help me?
  3. Ajmal

    Scheduler in PHP

    Hi Fawad.You can add shedular in your php code.First add a field of date with in your gallery table.Second check the file date with current date if it is older then 30 days then delete it.give condition in ur php file that if($previousdate + 30 == $todaydate){unlink($allimages);}Hope its useful for you.Kind Regards.Ajmal Hussain
  4. Thanks.I try it but it also not working.. <?php header("Location: http://www.abcd.com/TrainingReg.php"); exit;?> Error message is"No input file specified"
  5. Hi all experts,I have a problem with header function.I want to sent email to user on user registration. For this i have face some problem in that site and finally i redirect that registration page to other site. So my problem is solve and mail is sent successfully sent to user. But there is a big problem that from that site i want to redirect that page after it sending mail to the previous site. But an error occur after sending mail that "no file to speciffied" and in url there is different url which i give in header function.Now what should i do..........I have a big problem please help me...........my header code is <?php header("location:http://www.abcd.com/register.php"); exit;?>
  6. Hello All, Can anyone help me. How it possible in Ajax to Drag and Drop the contents rows from main page to different folders. As in Picture shown below. Help will be appreciated.
  7. if anyone know about website address where i upload the image and give the address in forum. that will check the expert and give me help.Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all.Can any one help me for making a calender just like W3Scools Forum's Calender.I want to add events, Reminder and birthday Dates in it.Please Please Help me.Help will be appreciated.Thanks.
  9. Ajmal

    Make Dynamic Calender

    Thank you very much.I am trying it. then will tell you.Thanks.
  10. Ajmal

    Make Dynamic Calender

    Can any one help me please?I want to create a calender in whick i store the birthday date and at that date when i open the site a pop up window apear and tell me Happy Birth Day to you. Its very important task for me.Help me, help me plz Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi.I am using Images Album in my Site. I want to show one image and change when i click on next button. Can i change the image through javascript.I am newbie and help will be appraciated. Thanks.
  12. Can we Define Function Without Declaration in JavaScript?????
  13. Can we Call JavaScript Function By Reference?????
  14. Ajmal

    Paging System

    How can i use paging system for image box. which are change after some seconds and with the help of paging when i want to select the the page then that image page will display.Thanks.
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