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  1. thanks for your answer reg edit. for the concrete example: the problem is that the <parent>.. XML that i've posted is exactly what i need (my elements here have different names, but i thought naming them parent and child made the problem more obvious).this is what i have: <Value type="integer>134</Value><Value type="tuple"> <Value type="string">hello</Value> <Value type="string">world</Value> <Value type="float">1.2</Value></Value> so the value element must either be a simple type, or have value child elements, but not both.right now i'm just using mixed content and then let the application check if that particular <parent> has the correct content.
  2. it's a start. i just have to figure out how to mix simpleContent and complexContent, which doesn't seem to work with the validators i used.btw. any tips for a good validator? (the example you directed my at is considered invalid by XMLSpy e.g.)
  3. hi,i have a little problem and hope that you can help me.this is the xml-element (parent) that i want to express as schema.it has two possible forms: <parent> 1234</parent><parent> <child1/> <child2/></parent> meaning. either, parent has a simple content (integer), or it has childelements (and no other content, so no mixed content)is it possible to express something like that in xml schema (v1.0) or is this impossible? i tried a choice between 2 definitions of the parent element which does not work since a type definition must be unique. any ideas.. anyone?my thx in advance!
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