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[SOLVED] are copied encrypted table values exactly the same?

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1) I have login scripts working in combination with database table and verify_password

2) the login scripts are RE-USED for another site

3) In the test fase I use the SAME database table values and copy these in phpmyadmin to a new table

is it possible there is some kind of copy security or whatever in the encrypted original table values? I presume this because there is no password_verify match.

It could be I'm overlooking something, but the password_verify($form_pw, $database_pw) procedure, does not need encryption BEFORE $form_pw is read?

The only conclusion then is: the value in the newly copied table is not the same is in the original table.

(of course I can also reinstall the registration scripts to test it, but i would like to rule out other causes )


EDIT: solved.

silly me using the wrong password


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