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  1. I'm using Google flag translator for my website. When click on the flag its redirect to Google translator. In the Google window my website footer alignments are messed up. you can see what happened by click on any flag. this is my site, adseekershub.com

    I'm a beginner in programming, I know this is the right place to get me a solution. hope you guys help me.


  2. I need to pass multiple data through ajax, and also should post back it in another page. but my code is not working,

    this is my code:


    var data = {page_num: page,gender: <?php echo $gender;?>this_year: <?php echo $year;?>};$.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "data.php", data: data, success: function(res) { $("#result").append(res); console.log(res); } });



    POST the values(data.php):


    echo $page = $_POST['page_num'];echo $gender = $_POST['gender'];echo $fromyear = $_POST['this_year'];
    please guys help me. thnx,
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