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  1. You will probably need to use a ready made software such as Product Cart, Lite Commerce, etc. Ebay could be another alternative depending what you are needing.I have done a number of ecommerce sites that uses Paypal as a payment method which is probably cost the least to sell and accept payment online. As a matter of fact, I encourage all my clients just that when they are just starting out.Some software are open source but then you are not guaranteed support and can expect problems that you have to resolve yourself. Others require a fee to purchase a license to use the software which can range from $100 on up to a $1500 or maybe even more but you should get good support.So in saying, don't try to reinvent the wheel. Just search the net for ecommerce software. If you think you are in way over your head about starting one up, hire a web developer that can set it up for you and even get your existing design to work seamlessly with the ecommerce site.


    Very Good option!

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