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  1. I'm not sure specifically which part you're talking about, but all of the styling information like the background images, font colors, etc are in the CSS sheet. I don't really agree with the way he's doing it, he's using IDs instead of classes, but everything that applies to those boxes is defined in the stylesheet.http://www.plentyoffish.com/800p.csse.g. for this:<div id="box"> <!--- box border --><div id="lb"><div id="rb">Since those are IDs, the rules that apply to them in CSS will be labelled "#box", "#lb", "#rb", etc.
    You say that he uses I'd's not classes what do you mean by that. :)
  2. Hello i was wondering if anybody could break down the website for me plentyoffish how its created i am asking this because i would like to learn how to create a site like this or any other dating site. I have seen the source code i just need somebody to break it down for me piece by piece. One of the things i am interested in is the box border thats on plenty of fish its grey looks bubbly and cool i was wondering how its done i have the source code for it but i want it explained more. I would also like to know if there is a website where i shows you how a site is created piece by piece. :) <div id="box"> <!--- box border --> <div id="lb"> <div id="rb"> <div id="bb"><div id="blc"><div id="brc"> <div id="tb"><div id="tlc"><div id="trc"><div class='tsbheader5'> <div class='tsbheader5a'><table><tr><td> <p align="justify">My name is <strong>Markus</strong> and this site is my <strong>creation</strong>. For over <strong>5 Years</strong> without a single employee I turned this site into the worlds largest dating site. Every day over 30,000 nurses and doctors, 27,000 educators, 25,000 business owners, 5,000 chefs, 2,000 pilots and 800 Architects use Plentyoffish to find love, and they are joined by nearly 1,000,000 others just like YOU!</p> </td></tr></table></div> <div class='tsbheader5b'> <form action="inbox.aspx#in" method="post" name="frmLogind"> <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 background="transparent" align=right > <tr> <tr> <td align=center> <table><tr valign=top><td align=left><input name="url" type="hidden"><font size=1> Username</font></td> <td align=center><input type=text name=username style="width:75px" size=8 value=""> <input type='hidden' name="c" value=""></td> </tr> <tr valign=top><td align=left><font size=1>Password</font></td> <td align=center><input type=password style="width:75px" name=password size=8 ></td> </tr> <TR> <td align=right colspan=2><input type=hidden name="ignor" value="yes" > <input type=submit name=login value="Check Mail"> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </form> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div></div></div> </div></div></div></div><p> <div id="box3"> <!--- box border --> <div id="lb3"> <div id="rb3"> <div id="bb3"><div id="blc3"><div id="brc3"> <div id="tb3"><div id="tlc3"><div id="trc3"> <!-- -->

  3. I'd prefer to keep communication in the forum, thanks. You can always send me a private message if necessary.
    Hey I can't afford the books right now so I was wondering if you could provide me with websites where I could learn pup, SQL, asp, java thoroghly for free that would be great thank you.
  4. If you're just learning HTML now, it will probably take you a while to get the skills necessary to build a large site like that. In addition to HTML, you'll need to be proficient in CSS, a server-side language such as PHP, SQL for a database, and possibly Javascript. The steps to create any large site are the same - 1) design it, 2) build it. For what it's worth, I've got a system set up with over 80,000 users and I've spent around 1800 hours designing and building it, and I already had a computer science degree when I started. Don't expect a tutorial on how to build a complete site though, you just need to be good enough at software design and programming where you know what you need to do in order to accomplish a specific task (such as users registering and logging in, sending messages to each other, updating profiles, etc).Also for what it's worth, the amount of HTML code compared to other code in the system I was talking about is less than 1% HTML. It's nearly split 50/50 between Javascript and PHP, but it's particularly heavy on Javascript for a "regular" site.
    Thank you for your quick response. I am so looking forward to making my site I am so excited like a little kid and yes I know whole a lot of nothing. You said only 1% is html and rest is split 50/50 between javascript and php. I was wondering what if I wanted to use ASP.net program that's free you think you could give me sme info on ASP is ASP similar to what php, sql, and javascript is or is asp something tottally different. You see I don't even know what the difference between them is and what purpose they surve maybe just a little. Another question I have is lets say I am creating a dating site I have home page registration page email page page for users own profiles that they playaround with add pictures and the email they receive for their activation anyways my question is how do all these thing work as one websit
  5. Hello everybody i been looking all over trying to figure out how to go about creating a website for dating.I would love to know the steps involved for creating a such website.I am currently learning html code and other stuff on w3schools.com and intrested in creating everything my self.If anybody could be my guide i would really appreciate it. :)

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