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    Valid Email

    What should I use as a replacement for ereg()?
  2. By 'Only the border changes.' do you mean that the height changes, cause if you have 5 suggestions and you never changed it from 0px. That can be a problem.
  3. Mencarta


    I don't know what you just said, all I know and care about is that it is working and why its working and not my previous version.
  4. Mencarta


    Me got it working. I had to redo it entirely from scratch. Using mysql_fetch_array() really helped, lol.
  5. The box does expand to fit the suggestions right?
  6. Mencarta


    Actually its okay if you do that.
  7. Windows of course...
  8. Mencarta


    Now I have this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in /www/zxq.net/p/r/i/princefinance/htdocs/updates.php on line 21updates.php <?php require_once("dbconnect.php"); $updates = array(); $sql = "SELECT * FROM news"; $result = mysql_query($sql); if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 0) { echo "No New Updates..."; exit; } for ($i = 1;$i < mysql_num_rows($result);$i++) { $updates[] = $result["id"]; } arsort($updates); for ($i = 0;$i < 3;$i++) { $sql2 = "SELECT * FROM news WHERE id='$updates[$i]'"; $resu
  9. It was like IE 5 or 6. Its where you can run scripts on your desktop.
  10. Mencarta


    I have an updates script that gets news from the database and displays the most current one. I get an error though, if you can also spot any 'future' errors that will be great.updates.php <?php require_once("dbconnect.php"); $updates = array() $sql = "SELECT * FROM news"; $result = mysql_query($sql); if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 0) { echo "No New Updates..."; exit; } for ($i = 1;$i < mysql_num_rows($result);$i++) { $updates[] = $result["id"]; } arsort(updates); for ($i = 0;$i < 3;$i++) { $sql2 = "SELECT * FROM news WHERE id='$updates[$i]'"; $result2 = mysql_query($sql2); e
  11. I think when you download Internet Explorer it comes with interactive desktop.
  12. I have some entries that have the column id. How would I search for it so it echos the message with the greatest id first and the least id last?
  13. Actually $_REQUEST does either $_POST or $_GET depending on which was used. If you have a login form with the input fields: username and password, and you are using $_REQUEST I could type this into my browser: http://www.yoursite.com/login.php?username...;password=Admin. If the username and password is correct I will be logged in. $_POST is basically used for security reasons.
  14. I figured it out! This only works on Windows XP.1)Right-Click the Desktop and Select Properties2)Switch to Desktop Tab3)Click Customize Desktop...4)Switch to Web Tab5)Click Add and select file6)ApplyTada!
  15. I have a page to change passwords. This is my script:changepass.php <?php require_once("dbconnect.php"); //Include Database Connection Script session_start(); //Check Fields if (empty($_POST["username"]) || empty($_POST["password"])) { echo "Please Fill Out All Fields"; exit; } if ($_POST["newpass1"] != $_POST["newpass2"]) { echo "The Passwords Provided Aren't The Same"; exit; } $curpass = sha1($_POST["curpass"]); //Convert Current Password To Sha1 $newpass = sha1($_POST["newpass1"]); //Convert New Password To Sha1 $user = $_SESSION["username"]; $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE use
  16. No, I was able to insert JS onto the desktop...I must experiment on this.
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    I would suggest using sha1() instead of md5().
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    Register System

    [starts whistling]Can you help me with my other thread in the CSS forum?
  19. True, also, I forgot. How do you add scripts on to your desktop?
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