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  1. Hi...I've been around for a while but am now tackling ASP. One problem, one question.Problem: I've set up IIS on my machine (XP-Prof) and it will read an HTML page just fine but it will not properly respond to an ASP page. It just displays a blank page in my browser. Any ideas?Also...is it worth learning ASP or should I go directly to ASP.Net?

  2. i'm sorry, perhaps i'm missing something...i did not see any problems with the bottom copyright line but saw some real alignment problems within the body...what issue are you trying to resolve?

  3. you know, maybe one of these days i'll learn to think before i post.

    <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function writeText(txt){document.getElementById("desc").innerHTML=txt;}</script></head><body><img src="http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/style_images/w3sbanner.gif" usemap="#world_map" alt="" style="border-style:none" /><map id="world_map" name="world_map"><area shape="circle" alt="W3schools" coords="10,10,6" nohref title="India" onMouseOver="writeText('VirtualAdz')" onMouseOut="writeText('')" /><p id="desc"></p></map></body><html>

  4. scott's code called an undefined function "hide"try this:

    <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function writeText(txt){document.getElementById("desc").innerHTML=txt;}function hide(txt){document.getElementById("desc").innerHTML=txt;}</script></head><body><img src="http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/style_images/w3sbanner.gif" usemap="#world_map" alt="" style="border-style:none" /><map id="world_map" name="world_map"><area shape="circle" alt="W3schools" coords="10,10,6" nohref title="India" onMouseOver="writeText('VirtualAdz')" onMouseOut="hide('')" /><div id="desc"></div></map></body><html>

  5. thanks for the education...i have not worked with the mysql database and have only dealt with access, sql server and the like, which do use the * wildcard and require a semicolon...getting familiar with mysql is on my long list of things to do :)

  6. jojay--are you just trying to select all records from the cname field in the page1 table?if so, the correct sql is:SELECT cname FROM page1; [i agree with profdan that CAPS is the proper way to write an sql query.]if you want the entire table:SELECT * FROM page1;if you want selected cname records,SELECT * FROM page1 WHERE cname LIKE [see below]; or WHERE cname = "string";When using wildcards with the like phrase, use * rather than %:SELECT cname FROM page1 where cname LIKE "*want*"use only the * as needed...if you want something that begins with a certain string then write LIKE "joe*"....for something that ends with a certain string, write LIKE "*joe"...for something that contains a certain string, write LIKE "*joe*"also, a sql query must end in a ;

  7. ah, c'mon, guys, we can be more helpful than that...while the w3schools are terrrrrifffficccc...there's still lots more information be had out there in the big wide web...so, redstorm, i have found sitepoint to provide a wealth of free information and sample chapters from their books...another site is html goodies...and surf the web looking at sites whose design you admire and see if you can recreate it or your own variations...so, get busy googling...and, by the way, the others are quite right...if you want to get to carnegie hall: practice, practice, practice...

  8. in english, to snug is to bring things close together...snugging is the acti of doing that...snuggling is the act of doing that with someone special... :) this thread seems to have become a dialog although plenty of people have read it...so, come on, you wiser than wise people out there...tell us something really cool the prof can do to achieve his goal... :)

  9. i think i understand what you're trying to achieve...in essence, snugged up buttons/text, so that: button/text | longer button/text ------------------------------------ longer button/text | button/textis the result.since this is for personal consumption, i suppose there's no problem with trying to achieve it but i have no idea as to how you might without using containers or, in a table, colspan.but i must say that from the basis of general good design, it's not a very desirable goal.of course, english is my language so that i may be handicapped by a lack of understanding of the dutch language and dutch preferences in terms of how things are laid out.on those occasions when i'm doing something for purely personal consumption, i still try to use good fundamental design principles...it makes sure that i stay in practice and don't get sloppy, plus, in case i'm accidentally brilliant, i can release my work to others without the need to redesign. :)

  10. if you're talking about creating a colored box within your form that holds various fields, you can do that with a container:

    <html><title></title><body><form><p>This is my form</p><div style="background-color:#f8f2f6; margin-top:1em">First name:<input type="text" name="fname" value="" /><br />Last name:<input type="text" name="lname" value="" /><br /><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></div></form></body></html>

    This is pretty basic but it may give you a nudge in the right direction.

  11. dan,your little text word counter, etc. is clever so you may give yourself one back pat. just please be careful not to break your arm in the process.what is "Resultaatblok pixelbreedte:" and why is it set to 500? is that the maximum number of characters?finally, i'm not quite sure i see your dilemma...are you trying to get the buttons to line up in a certain way or what?just a couple of general design throughts:you should always have the text on one side and the button on the other throughout the entire form, that is:text [button] text [button]text [button] text [button]not:text [button] [button] text[button] text text [button]that sort of layout is confusing to the user.also, you should not have some buttons contain the entire text and others be a mixture of separate text and button text. also hard on the user.you may want to consider checkboxes. for example:Count: Reset:Words [cb] Form [cb]Characters [cd] Page [cb][Count 'em] [Do it]give me some more clues as to what you want the final product to look like. you've got me curious.

  12. i think you're mixing things up a bit...a style sheet is for controling the display of html content; it cannot include the html or the content itself.you should create spearate .css and .htm files and reference the style sheet in the header.to create a stylesheet, just use any text editor, such as notepad and then save the file with a .css extension.for example:

         BODY {	font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;	font-size: 10 pt     }     BLOCKQUOTE {	border: solid thin aaa;	padding: 2 pt     }     H3 {	text-align: center;	text-transform: uppercase;	color: fff;	background: 000080;	border: ridge 6pt eee;	padding: 2 pt;	font-size: 160%     }

    could be a stylesheet saved as mystyles.cssthen, reference it in the header of the html file:

    <head><title>my title</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystles.css"></head><body><h1>big head</h1><p>stuff i wanna say</p>etc...</body>

    does this help?

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