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  1. I highly recommend that you start learning CSS as well.For your background, use this in a CSS style sheet instead.
    html {   background-color: black /* Just an example */   background-image: url('boat.jpg');   background-attachment: fixed;   background-position: center;}

    Feel free to remove what you don't need, here is a shorter way of doing the above as well:

    html {   background: black url('boat.jpg') fixed center;}

    As for the text align...

    body {   text-align: right;}

    For the whole page, for just a paragraph replace the 'body' selector by let's say... '.rightparagraph' (dot included) and then use this in the body of your HTML:

    <p class="rightparagraph">hai</p>

    Thanks... But where to write the css code?
  2. Hi All, I am trying to set a jpg file as background. so i am doing <body background="boat.jpg">Here the problem is, The image size is around 700x600 which is smaller than my ie screen size. so the image is tiled (displayed full + again part of that at the bottom and right). I want to fit it to the window. how to do it.Then,<body> hai</body>i want to align this hai at right. how to do this..This is very basic.. i just started to learn. so u ppl guide me.Regards,chandru

  3. I have just started creating a html document.. where i am setting an image as background. <body background="boat.jpg">the problem is, since the image size is less its tiled.. how to fit to the screen?? please reply as soon as possiblleThanks in Advance,Chandru

  4. u need to have a small look at the html language, so to read the tutorial on the w3schools website, and then use the frontpage from the office XP to have a look how it could works and other stuffs.if u need to develop a small website with free templates, then go to www.freeservers.com and then register for it (free of charge), and so that is ur website is ready to edit and view it.After that, u need to be more expert in it and need to know and write javascripts or vbscripts, that will enable u to create a dynamic website (also u can use php , asp, ...).so, go ahead , the gates are openposts ur questions here

    Hi, Thank you very much man. Now i am getting some confidence that i can create my website soon. Then one more thing, i don have frontpage installed in my pc. Is there any free software for developing web pages like frontpage?Thanks,Chandru
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