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  1. if you dont want it to be shown when browsing but still have it there add then<!-- --> this will hide the link. and make sure it looks like this<!--[Link]-->or just replace the link with  hope it helps :)

  2. :) this really confused me. :) if your adding an img betwen the td tags it will automaticly change to that height if you have not added a fixed value ofcourse.
    I would like that my graph change of height depending of TD heightGraph
    <img height="100%" src=".."> if its fixed valueis it this that you where after ?
  3. thats good to hear but either way be carefull even to 10$ are not much.if you followed the steps i pointed up at the first post here and maybe a few more if you can find more.but if it suddeny becomes like for an exampel 10$ for each in the bill. you can sue them and maybe get alitte extra for it. :)btw its essentinal that you take screenshots if your going to buy it i forgot to mention that they might be able to change the info for the auction just like we can edit our post here. and dont change format or anything leave them as they are. any change will change date. cause the date will help alotanyway hope it all works well :)

  4. I sounds too good to be true...so it probably is.I would never sell 7gb of temps for $10.I don't buy stuff off Ebay anyways. I have had a few friends get ripped off. Don't want the hassle.

    I agree totaly. and where i live now there are around 200 ppl getting frauded by internet orders they are not getting or just cheap copys, dunno the total number of frauded ppl in my country but i guess over 20,000 ppl.
  5. I am very skeptical to the 7gb for 10$ auction. :) I would guess more like its 10$ for each template in that collection. Or its just 1 big fraude..but if your buying it make sure it has the following information.exampels:1. you will get all at the said price (in this case 10$ and look for similor texts at the auction)2. there are in Cd/DvD disks ( hope I spelled right there :) )3. money back if you didnt get what you wanted. (most ppl will not pay the export cost so you might have to pay if sending it back)and if you get frauded. make sure you have alot of screenshots about the auction. and save the import paper you will get with the freight. and that maybe you have called him/her by phone or by hotmail (hotmail are easy tracked apperently :D )hope i got everything down heheh :)dont remember anything else you should know :(

  6. I would not take any of them even if they are easy to use and user friendly. Popular forum systems gets hacked to often.I rather build myself a forum. If i now get hacked i know more of the code and its easyer to rebuild and replace stuffs. :)

  7. well the page i am working on now are reallly takes time. heheits around 18 mb with almost 1000 files. its coded with html,css,ColdFusion and use MSSQL databas. and the site has a admin funktion,forum,webbpolls and much more.have worked on this now for alittle over 2 month. and its 80% finished. just need to fix the databas and the Coldfusion tags for the forum and some other funktions and add a few more files :)

  8. make it transparant with adobe photoshop or any other program that supports transparant.in adobe photoshop if you got it in multi layers just make sure that the background are not visiable the other way if its compined to 1 layer is to start a new prodject and add another layer and past the logo on it. And make the background layer notvisiable and then use the eraser tool carefully on the layer the logo are in.

  9. post your codes for the frameset page you have done, and i might be able too help you. :) But the frameborder="0"/frameborder="no" should work. there for i want an overview how its constructed if you missed something :(edit-------scott100 have a point there(seems like i have to be faster at posting) :)

  10. you can try hacks for FF and opera

    html>body .Main {content}

    use what class you want but you must add the html>body with a space before the class.And if you have a class/ID like this <body class="mybody"> then the hack must look like.

    html> .mybody{content}

    if the body is in the hack then somehow it will be read in IE strangely, evento it should not be able to read it.

  11. phpbb has a admin funktion that allows you to copy your SQL data base to a backup somewhere, and there is a funktion also in the admin section that allows you to upload the database. I have not used phpbb but i have read about it. and be sure you have the newset version of phpbb cause the lesser chance you get hacked., I have been at the phpbb forum for a while now and there is about 6-7 forums hacked everyday, so be sure you upgrade if you have a old version of phpbb. cause of this i cant recomend this product, i would make my own forum.so visit there forum for more help.edit-----or se there tutorial videos on support.

  12. well i am not really a fan of position:absolute/relative;becarefull when you use them. cause they might cause itbut my guess is that the problem lies in

    #MMMenuContainer0202145234_0 {/* This ID is related to the master menu div for menu MMMenuContainer0202145234_0 and contains the important positioning information for the menu as a whole */position:absolute;left:346px; top:128px;visibility:hidden;z-index:300;}

    but can you post the whole code for the html page where you get this problem, it might help us know the constrution. and it will be easyer to spot the problem

  13. well its not much in diffrence. this is just an exampelIn HTML some elements can be improperly nested within each other like this:

    <b><i>This text is bold and italic</b></i>

    In XHTML all elements must be properly nested within each other like this:

    <b><i>This text is bold and italic</i></b>

    XHTML must all be closed if you used tags like <br> then you have to change it to <br />here can you see what the diffrence are with more information *XHTML*with html the codes can be very messy like the exampel i copyd from the tutorials.xhtml makes sure that the code thouse not get nested within other codes and make it much easyer to read the code. and in that way save alittle time

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