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Found 3 results

  1. Multi languages autocomplete

    i'm Vietnamese, i can understand English but my customer is not. when i used search autocomplete, the returning value doesn't understand some different languages, example "d" is "dam" but not is "đầm". i had translated into Vietnamese via jquery feature. Thanks for JQUERYUI.COM
  2. Autocomplete error

    I had chosen autocomplete using jquery and javascript for my website. In this image, default feature are one text input, one availableTags and one source. I want to develop more than one availableTags same as image but ... maybe autocomplete formula was wrong when i add "switch function". Who can help me!!!
  3. jquery autocomplete

    i'm trying to work with jquery autocomplete using 'jquery.js' & 'jquery.autocomplete.js'. everything is working fine. but when i press 'Enter' after selecting one of the results it gives, i cant find where the pointer reaches. what i expect it is if i press 'Enter' then i want it to select (or focus) that same or next input field. in jquery.autocomplete.js file there is something written for the 'Enter' button $input .keydown(function(e) { // track last key pressed lastKeyPressCode = e.keyCode; switch(e.keyCode) {// ................// ................ case 13: // return if( selectCurrent() ){ // make sure to blur off the current field $input.get(0).blur(); e.preventDefault(); } break;// ................// ................ } }) but i cant understand what it is doing and what to change to make it do what i expect. can anybody please guide...????? thanks in advance...