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  1. xgpuaciq8xbdfbb6g.jpg

    am thuc (canvas)

    Ẩm thực canvas là dạng one-page bootstrap html5 linh hoạt với hơn 1000 mẫu giao diện và 100+ file photoshop psd đính kèm.

  2. thank you very much! i'll close this topic because i had looked for another way.
  3. i have an example, when customer typed "d, a or m", search engine returns "đầm". But i want only one keyword "d" with value "đầm". i had changed the length of "TERM" variable. for(var i = 0;i<term.length;i++){ ret += accentMap[ term.charAt(i[0]) ] || term.charAt(i[0]); }
  4. i'm Vietnamese, i can understand English but my customer is not. when i used search autocomplete, the returning value doesn't understand some different languages, example "d" is "dam" but not is "đầm". i had translated into Vietnamese via jquery feature. Thanks for JQUERYUI.COM
  5. I had chosen autocomplete using jquery and javascript for my website. In this image, default feature are one text input, one availableTags and one source. I want to develop more than one availableTags same as image but ... maybe autocomplete formula was wrong when i add "switch function". Who can help me!!!
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