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  1. Help styling my blog

    Sorry, other question. It is possible to make it look more like the picture? like it has a yellow square with the day and month over the image. How can i manage that? that's not CSS anymore, right?
  2. Help styling my blog

    I FEEL SO STUPID. I never thought about just putting the margin on the image. I just did that and ta-dan! it's solved.
  3. Help styling my blog

    I tried that, but they don't separate. I tried put a margin-left:50px; to the content, but it doesn't move. Even i tried putting obscene values like margin-left: 600px; and not, it won't move an inch.
  4. Weird dots on my page

    Thanks! it's fixed too. I've never understood the pseudo-classes ::before and ::after
  5. Make inner row full-width

    Thanks! that fixed the problem, now it looks how i want.
  6. Weird dots on my page

    Hello This is my site: http://cvkj.agencialosnavegantes.cl/nosotros/ At the bottom of the page i have a section with a lot of icons with a hover effect that changes the black and white image to another similar but with color (see attached image). I don't know why but, i have some weird dots over each image. What makes it even weirder is the fact that when i shrink the browser's window, these dots dissapear. Why does this happen? how can i get rid of these ugly dots?
  7. Help styling my blog

    Hello This is my site: http://hojalateriaelguante.agencialosnavegantes.cl/ At the end of the page, just before the footer, i have a blog, and i need it to look like the attached picture. By default, the blog element of this theme has the featured image above and the content below, i did an inspection with Chrome and i tried putting a "float:left" to the featured image and kind of worked but, the content and the picture are too close to each other, and i want to separate them, just how they look on the example attached. How can i do this?
  8. Make inner row full-width

    Hello This is my site: http://hojalateriaelguante.agencialosnavegantes.cl/ I need the row with the blue background row ("proporcionamos la mejor soluciĆ³n...") to be full-width like in the attached picture but i don't know how. Extra information: This is a wordpress theme and i'm using a page builder, the div i have to change its width is a row inside a section that has its own image background, so the row is an inner row of this section and that's why i think is not possible for the section with the blue background to use the screen's full width. How can i override that? i don't know how to approach this issue.
  9. Contact Form submit button positioning

    Here's the solution to my problem. Thanks. #footer-widgets form.wpcf7-form div:nth-child(2){ width: calc(100% - 40px); } #footer-widgets form.wpcf7-form div:nth-child(2) > span{ margin: 0; } #footer-widgets form.wpcf7-form div:nth-child(2) input{ width: 100%; } #footer-widgets form.wpcf7-form div:nth-child(3){ width: 40px; }
  10. Contact Form submit button positioning

    Hello This is my site: http://cvkj.agencialosnavegantes.cl/ I have a contact form at the bottom of the page and i'm trying to put the submit button next to the text box, but i'm struggling a lot. This is my initial css: #enviarbajo { background:url(http://cvkj.agencialosnavegantes.cl/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/paper-plane-2.png) no-repeat; background-color: #564585; width:40px; height:40px; padding:0px 0 4px 0; border:none; text-indent: -1000em; cursor:pointer; border-radius: 0; margin: 5%; position: relative; left: 35%; } Then i tried to position the button using media-queries, but i'm not able to put the button where i want @media (max-width: 768px){ #enviarbajo { position: relative; right: 100px; } } Other media-query below: @media only screen and (max-width: 500px) { #enviarbajo { position: relative; right: 50px; } Is there a more efficient way of doing this?
  11. Fix widget position in WordPress

    #text-9.fwidget.et_pb_widget.widget_text { float: none; } Now is working! thanks a lot! How come you were able to see this? i tried to fix it myslef with the inspect element option on Chrome, but i wasn't able to see the problem at all.
  12. Fix widget position in WordPress

    This doesn't do anything: .textwidget { float: none; } And this pushes down the icons but also makes them giant: #footer-widgets .footer-widget .fwidget { float: none; }
  13. Fix widget position in WordPress

    I was using the image element for the widget, now i deleted and put a "text" element with the following html: <img src="http://HojalateriaElGuante.agencialosnavegantes.cl/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Recurso-1_chico.png" style="float:none;"> Still doesn't work
  14. Fix widget position in WordPress

    I added this to the css .contenedor { position: relative; width: 100%; float: none; } Doesn't fix anything.
  15. Fix widget position in WordPress

    This is my site: http://hojalateriaelguante.agencialosnavegantes.cl/ In the footer section i have 4 social network icons with a hover effect. For that effect, i borrowed code from an overlay example in w3schools: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_css_image_overlay_fade It looks fine on my desktop screen, but, if i shrink the browser window, all the icons float to the right of the dog's picture, and i can't understand why this does happen. How can i fix them? i want them to stay down, below the dog picture.