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  1. The last digits represent the level of opacity the same as opacity property. 0 to 1. HEX colour also has an alpha in hex numbering you the solid 6 color characters(#00FF00), then by adding two extra hex characters, these will also change transparency (#00FF00A5). The last two character representing alpha values can be found by googling.
  2. Use rgba() a meaning Alpha transparency, it will only affect the background color then.
  3. I think you are over complicating with to many if/else conditions, you just require: IF equal 29 Show() _1_id hide() _2_id ELSE hide() _1_id show() _2_id
  4. Use trim() to trim white spaces from ends, once trimmed it will be empty.
  5. Then it can't be done! CSS requires some sort of identifier to work to, id, classname, attribute value etc. It can't change anything like that. Sorry good luck! If javascript changes value of attribute value of input, it will change it to different colour. It does not matter which way it was changed. and "open" is not treated the same as "Open" the css i provided will only work for lowercase. Also value attribute is only supported on input elements, it can't do innerHTML added content.
  6. Yeah! Because its not like there's a forum dedicated to answering, giving advise for Wordpress specifically... Oh wait! There is!
  7. :has and contains are experimental, i doubt any browser fully support them yet.
  8. .txtbx1[value="open"]{ color: green; }
  9. Add 'this' as argument in Myfunction, this will now represent the element that triggered the event, in function add 'elem' parameter to represent the passed argument, then use nextElementSibling to move to next element (sibling). This is now not to a specific id reference which must be unique, but to triggering event element next sibling element. https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GH331JJASJPU
  10. DON'T JUST READ THE TITLE, read the comments.
  11. Sounds very strange to use a price in which security is assigned? Why not use passport number, keep number in security required array. When passport number matches store security required passport number, in a id referenced element ul listing or table then count the number of pasport number within it, if greater than 0 highlight and call security.
  12. Is it not a stylesheet? Does the op even have stylesheet named custom.css? If not! Why? Have you been copying and pasting again! ...sorry, silly question.
  13. Here you are, a css only version. https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GGTGJ3O8JJVN
  14. The answer wanted is: It loops through classnames comparing to the c variable value in indexOf(c) if the variable value is not found a value of -1 is returned, anything greater than -1 means a match was found and the index position is returned of its location. It then adds classname of 'show' to the elements matching variable c value.
  15. YES! Your stylesheet should always follow bootstrap, check an element through web development tools F12, check elements for bootstrap styling, make note of bootstrap selector, style how you want it and if required add !important. Web developer will let you edit stylesheet live, without actually changing anything, therefore you changr, turn off the styling until you get result you require, it even list the changes you have made to achieve that result, although you have to enable it first.
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