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  1. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_global_title.asp
  2. well yeah, left, right, top etc would give the same result, because cover fills the whole parent container, BUT! if you used 'contain' instead the result would represent what you used for portrait align left or right, landscape top or bottom.
  3. first of all, NEVER use spaces in file names, use alternative of hyphen '-' or underscore '_', as in practise-css.html oor practise_css.html. secondary, this should be done on web server, WAMP for example not your computer filesystem. I would imagine the problem is you have no content in body, so the height is 0, so the background image has no area to show. Try setting body and html elements to min-height: 100vh;
  4. Are you confusing key sort (ksort with C,B,A), with value sort (asort 35,37,43)?.
  5. You must know some server language such as php to upload the file in the first place? You can get the date in format of '20210630_' and add to start of filename that is gathered by the server language.
  6. Might want to consider adding timestamp to filename, they should then be in order they where added
  7. There's a position: right; Now! is there? must be short-code property for position: absolute; on right? maybe? have to look it up! just can't keep up with all these new properties they come out with.
  8. Yes! Because this empty($_POST['name']) empty($_POST['email']) empty($_POST['phone']) empty($_POST['message']) IS WRONG! Its structure does not make sense, they return true or false, ok! Now what? They require a if condition to check each is true ie 'empty' if so, return error message and return false to stop going any further. That is what my example showed, if you set any of these to = ""; $_POST['name'] = "fff"; $_POST['email'] = "AA"; $_POST['phone'] = "123"; $_POST['message'] = "WTH"; Empty Error message would show otherwise 'all fields filled' will show.
  9. You are not checking name, email etc, for a specific value of true or false, and then return false only if any of the field are empty. example: <?php $_POST['button'] = "Submit"; $_POST['name'] = "fff"; $_POST['email'] = "AA"; $_POST['phone'] = "123"; $_POST['message'] = "WTH"; if (isset($_POST['button'])) { if (empty($_POST['name']) || empty($_POST['email']) || empty($_POST['phone']) || empty($_POST['message'])) { echo "You gotta fill in required fields of name, email, phone and message"; return FALSE; } else { /* optional, just for testing */ echo "all fields filled"; } } ?>
  10. dsonesuk


    Hi che, why are calling me suk? uk is the country of UK, Are you a bit odd?
  11. dsonesuk


    Somewhere I don't know where, cus you can't identify the problem element with a picture, a element type or css property is forcing it to do exactly that!.
  12. min-width: is wrong that value will never work and if you haven't bothered to remove any width properties that restrict the width from being responsive, surprise surprise, still won't work.
  13. ??? thats what it does? I suggest you use an array to store values, with an extra storage of currentcount, use that to check if zero or above. If you look through database field it will return to original value each time. You can also set a default value of 0.
  14. No! that was a figure from out of the air. You mentioned a fixed width that you used before, use that if you like, its not my decision.
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