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  1. Where is the initial call the run the function? You have the the function with a setTimeout to run it again! but there no calling of function to start the process.
  2. The Problem is the same. 1) You have 3 slideshows, All index references MUST reflect you now have 3; <div class="slideshow-container"> <div class="mySlides3"> <img src="../03-bilder/end-of-summer/IMG_1.jpg" class="slide"> </div> <!--DONE--> <div class="mySlides3"> <img src="../03-bilder/end-of-summer/IMG_2.jpg" class="slide"> </div> <!--DONE--> <div class="mySlides3"> <img src="../03-bilder/end-of-summer/IMG_3.jpg" class="slide"> </div> <!--DONE--> <div class="mySlides3"> <img src="../03-bilder/end-of-summer/IMG_4.jpg" class="slide"> </div> <!--DONE--> <a class="prev" onclick="plusSlides(-1, 2)">❮</a> <!--DONE--> <a class="next" onclick="plusSlides(1, 2)">❯</a> <!--DONE--> </div> var slideId = ["mySlides1", "mySlides2", "mySlides3"]; //DONE showSlides(1, 0); //DONE showSlides(1, 1); //DONE showSlides(1, 2); //DONE BUT! var slideIndex = [1,2]; //FAIL : FOR EACH SLIDESHOW THERE MUST BE A VALUE and NO! 1 + 2 does not count as the third slideshow use: .slideshow-container div[class^="mySlides"]{ display: none} it will be easier than adding every slideshow class
  3. The font tag is prehistoric old school, you have to use a custom radio, checkboxs to change to a design you want (google custom radio, checkboxes). Applying style inline to each elements is style="font-size: 2em;" or use inline stylesheet <style> input, textarea { font-size: 2em; } </style> Placed between <head>...</head>
  4. dsonesuk

    my borders are mixing

    Since you haven't provided ANY code to work with, i presume you want the answer as a image also. With a image editor: 1) take a copy of each (i would presume) menu item except the first. 2) take copy of background with first menu only 3) paste each menu under the previous equally spaced apart, aligned and obviously with no overlap, tada! Done. Much quicker and easier than messing around with all that html and css code nonsense.
  5. Its probably the space in the column name, try backticks ( ` ) around column name.
  6. You have to target parent elements that already exists then created child element using .on() jQuery function.
  7. background-color: rgba(217, 176, 78 , 0.5;
  8. I assume its NOT as shown and function called, THEN defined in that order?
  9. Usually a decent editor would highlight something like this, it would give you the ability to collapse these containers to identify misplaced opening or closing tags. You can also use W3C html validator.
  10. Yes! Everything. https://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp https://validator.w3.org/
  11. As mentioned in other duplicate post if not running through a localserver it won't work! Also you have stutter problem with code you supplied '<llink' and '<div w3-iinclude-html'
  12. Trouble is, your html is so messed up with invalid html, i don't want to possibly waste my time trying to fix something, if all that is required is you fix the invalid html in the first place! https://validator.w3.org/
  13. Looks like custom upload input, try overflow: hidden; or text-over: ellipsis;
  14. It does not work properly because you have added the wrapper within .flip-card-inner class element and in doing the styling affects the wrapper and not front and back class elements. So move it outside flip-card-inner container element, and give wrapper height: 100%; and width: 100%;
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