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  1. Hahaha you gotta laugh 🤣 guide cat instead of guide dog leading the blind.
  2. As it loop through each item with php it should also save that single item to the database. The database should have a unique id that increments on every creation of new record.
  3. Ahh. You are using version 3 of bootstrap, that doesn't use flex only 4 does, but you can add d-flex along with class 'row' which will give same result.
  4. The php produces tabs with class 'tablink', so it is different. But the reference to the tab class name matches, so it won't make any difference. You do use only one tab listing per page, don't you?
  5. Don't use height. The highest container whos content will set the height of itself and obviously the parent container. Then the flex box effect should make each other child containers, fill the height available to them from parent. So you dont need to set the height, doing so breaks the whole point in using flex- box in first place.
  6. The first in main page exists, shows, second does not exist = undefined error STOP! The first in test page does not exist = undefined error STOP! never gets to second to show. Either check with if condition, if specific id reference exists within page before going any further.
  7. Check if file addresses are correct by copying the url to a browser address bar. That looks like atom editor, have you setup remote connection?
  8. Surely it is all treated as text until it set as type int from the page it is sent to?
  9. Apart from my code adding inline css within style attribute. They are not table attributes. Actually it would be better to add class name, then apply the styling you require to that class name, without the need to edit dynamic php code that created the table.
  10. Your code uses bootstrap, the code is already set up for flex box usage. But you are missing part of bootstrap code that uses display: flex; the class 'row' element that must wrap round all the elements with class 'col-*'. So by inserting your original code (once you have fixed missing quotes) where the html comment is, will correct it how it should've been used to achieve the flex box effect.
  11. '<td style="text-align: center; width: 50%;"><a href="' . $row["the_url"] . '">' . $row["the_url"] . '</a></td>';
  12. Once you have done valid html by adding closing quotes to class names, all you have to do is add <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <!-- existing VALID html code --> </div></div>
  13. The last digits represent the level of opacity the same as opacity property. 0 to 1. HEX colour also has an alpha in hex numbering you the solid 6 color characters(#00FF00), then by adding two extra hex characters, these will also change transparency (#00FF00A5). The last two character representing alpha values can be found by googling.
  14. Use rgba() a meaning Alpha transparency, it will only affect the background color then.
  15. I think you are over complicating with to many if/else conditions, you just require: IF equal 29 Show() _1_id hide() _2_id ELSE hide() _1_id show() _2_id
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