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  1. Can't Get Canvas To Rotate

    3 minutes ago, Ingolme said: "Just for reference, the rotate command and other transformations need to be called before drawing the image because it doesn't modify the existing content of the canvas, it just changes the frame of reference for the next objects that are going to be drawn.... " lol - GMTA - we posted those replies seconds apart. When I would draw my image before rotating, it never showed up.. The .save and .restore seem to be important to resolve that issue. And it seems translate sets the point where drawing begins (the bottom of an arrow or clock hand, for example). If this does test okay, maybe we should pin it. There's a lot of other people hitting goggle with the same question. Thank you, Ingolme
  2. Can't Get Canvas To Rotate

    For future reference, since I know others will have this issue, this seems to resolve it: var image = document.getElementById("arrowImage"); var context = arrowCanvas.getContext('2d'); context.save(); context.translate(240, 255); //where to put image context.rotate(-180 * Math.PI / 180); //angle // context.drawImage(image, -image.width / 2, -image.height / 2); context.drawImage(image, 0, 0); //restore the canvas context.restore(); The w3Schools sample code is a bit lacking, since it only covers drawings, not images. Not 100% finished testing yet, but I think it's gonna work.
  3. Can't Get Canvas To Rotate

    I tried 45 degrees, no luck. I'm certainly open to suggestion! Thank you, Ingolme
  4. Can't Get Canvas To Rotate

    This seems so simple: var aC = document.getElementById("arrowCanvas"); var context = aC.getContext("2d"); var img = document.getElementById("arrowImage"); context.drawImage(img, 225, 225); context.rotate(90 * Math.PI / 180); But the canvas never rotates. Also tried: var aC = document.getElementById("arrowCanvas"); var context = aC.getContext("2d"); var img = document.getElementById("arrowImage"); context.rotate(90 * Math.PI / 180); context.drawImage(img, 225, 225); But here, the canvas never even shows up. I could use some help with the correct syntax. Thank you!
  5. Does an HTML5 Control Have Focus?

    Thank you for the reply. "return value" states: Return Value: No return value Thus, I am assuming I cannot use my code to check for focus. So, how do I check for focus? Thank you
  6. Does an HTML5 Control Have Focus?

    I'm having a problem determining if a given control has focus. It seems to me that: if (form.password.focus() == true) ... should tell me if the form's password control has focus. But, it's returning "false" even while I'm typing into the control. So, what is the correct way to determine whether a control has focus? Thank you!
  7. For Loop with Dynamically Created Variables

    dsonesuk, this worked perfectly, thank you very much for your time.
  8. Get the value of CSS Hue applied to a Canvas

    Yes, I understand that process, that wasn't really the question. The reason I'm guessing is that I don't know the answer. Is there a way to retrieve just the hue value (or just the saturation value) etc... I'm guessing that such a command exists, but I do not know what it is. Thank you
  9. Hello I need to get the value of a CSS Filter, Hue in this case, that's currently being applied to a canvas. I tried this: var hue = document.getElementById('canvas1').style.filter('hue-rotate'); and it did not work, several variations on that theme also failed. What is the correct syntax? Thank you very much PS: this could apparently also work var hue = getComputedStyle(canvas1).filter But it will not retrieve just the hue. Thank you
  10. Action to Run JS Validation AND PHP Script

    Okay, so where would that go? For example, could I put an onclick in the submit button that will fire and validate before the action sends the mail? Thank you
  11. Advice Needed for Basic, Simple PHP Mail Script

    PS: Regarding "It will take a day or two for a domain name to be assigned to an IP address." Go Daddy already has a parking page at the URL. Does this mean that the DNS Servers/IP Address concern is resolved as long as I stay with Go Daddy? Thank again!!
  12. I have a form written using HTML5 and CSS3, final validation is performed on submit with JavaScript. Then, the form will be sent to the server, most likely using PHP's mail() function. I don't recall how to include two items such as these in a form's action="...", I'd deeply appreciate if someone could refresh my memory! Thank you
  13. Advice Needed for Basic, Simple PHP Mail Script

    Okay, thank you very much for clarifying!
  14. Advice Needed for Basic, Simple PHP Mail Script

    In regard to formatted emails, can mail() do basic formatting such as line breaks? I'm not looking for attachments and colors and font selection at the moment, as long as everything isn't run together as one long string with no line breaks I'll be happy. Also, any suggestions as to a host would be welcomed. Does that issue still exist where it takes a couple days for the IP address to propagate once it is assigned to a web host? Thank you very much
  15. It's been a long time since that PHP class in college, and the majority of my focus since graduating has been on HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript. I'm getting ready to go live with a new website. I have a contact form build with HTML5 and CSS3 with validation done with JavaScript. The only problem is, I'll need a PHP script to send the form via email. Is there a basic, easy to use script that someone could recommend? Also, is it possible that my web host (I'll possibly be going with Go Daddy) will make such a script available? I'm hoping to find something that's essentially plug and play. Thank you