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  1. Hello Friends, I have the following CSS class 'box' defined with 'min-width' media query. @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { .box {display:none} } But this class is not showing in dreamweaver class suggestions. But when I put the same class using 'max-width', then suggestion is showing as per the following screenshot. Anyone know whats the reason and how to resolve this. Thanks in advance. Thanks! Shaiju.
  2. shaijuelayidath

    classes in 'min-width' not showing in Dreamweaver suggestions

    Thanks dsonesuk, I also think it may be any technical bug.
  3. shaijuelayidath

    classes in 'min-width' not showing in Dreamweaver suggestions

    Hello dsonesuk, Thanks for your explanation, I understood it. But my question is not concerned about 'Mobile First' or 'Desktop First' approach. If you using 'Dreamweaver' can you check the following steps. 1. Write the following code in your CSS files which linked to the HTML @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { .box {display:none} } 2. Come in to HTML file then type the following code: <div class=" when you type upto the above code, an automatic suggestion box will come and it shows the class 'box' you have already defined in the CSS file using " max-width ". 3. Now change the the same code into 'min-width' as follows: @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { .box {display:none} } 4. Then type the following code : <div class=" Now automatic suggestion box is not showing the class 'box'. Conclusion of my question is: CSS classes defined in 'max-width' will show in the automatic suggestion box in dreamweaver, But 'min-width' is not. I hope you understood Thanks in Advance Shaiju
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    classes in 'min-width' not showing in Dreamweaver suggestions

    Hello dsonesuk, Sorry I did'nt understand your comment. Can you please explain. Thanks! Shaiju
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    Use of 'main' tag in HTML5

    Hello Friends, Recently i have read about 'main' tag is introduced in HTML5, but i could'nt found anywhere explained about the proper use of this tag. Means, everywhere explaining it is for main content of the website, but I would like to know that can we put 'section' and 'aside' tag within the 'main' tag. This is only i want to know. Thanks in advance!
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    Use of 'main' tag in HTML5

    Hello Igolme, Its nice article which is a new thread for my doubt....Thank you
  7. shaijuelayidath

    Use of 'main' tag in HTML5

    Hello Ingolme, Tezzo, musakilimanjaro, Basically I need a two column layout for content section. Please take a look at my following 2 HTML codes. Let me know No.1 or No.2 is right ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <main> <section> <-- main content goes here --> <aside> <--- subcontent goes here --> </main> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No.2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <section> <main> <--- main content goes here --> <aside> <--- subcontent goes hee --> </section> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- let me know which one can be use. Because nowhere is discussed about <aside> tag can be put inside of <main> tag. Thanks!
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    Use of 'main' tag in HTML5

    Hello Tezzo, Actually can I put 'section' and 'aside' tag inside of a 'main' tag. Because some are says 'main' tag is only for main content of the webpage and 'aside' tag is for secondary contents. So, 'main' and 'aside' tags are separate blocks which comes in a section or div. The links you have send is good but did you listen, there is no clearly says what elements can be contain by the 'main' tag. I searched few but nowhere is discussing about this term. Thanks!
  9. When we make a Dropdown Select box, the width of the option is automatically expands as per it's content or strig's width in almost browsers.But in IE7 (WinXP) it is getting cut off and showing only the portion as per its select bar's width. Is there any trick by Javascript/JQuery/CSS to show complete content in the option in IE7. When you test the following code you can understand it. Kindly help me in this case. <select> <option selected="selected">select</option> <option>Very long and extensively descriptive text</option></select>
  10. shaijuelayidath

    For Loop explanation

    In the For Loop tutorial of w3si did'nt understand some code line of the following js code, i indicated it below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button><p id="demo"></p> <script>function myFunction(){var x="",i; <---[ what this type of var means, and wat this "" means, ]for (i=0;i<5;i++) { x=x + "The number is " + i + "<br>"; <---[ What the x=x means] }document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=x;}</script>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Actually i tried and found it can be write another method, but why w3s written the above indicated method, and not mentioned anywhere about this kind of for loop method.
  11. shaijuelayidath

    For Loop explanation

    sorry still i did'nt get what the role of 'x', because i'm very new to javascript
  12. shaijuelayidath

    Prompt box modification

    <button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button> <p id="demo"></p> <script>function myFunction(){var x;var name=prompt("Please enter your name","Harry Potter"); if (name!=null) { x="Hello " + name + "! How are you today?"; document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=x; }}</script> i am new to javascript and refering w3schools.when execute the above codeif i am enter any name is the prompt box, it is coming correctly.eg. if I give a name 'Tom' in the prompt box, it will get' Hello Tom ! How are you today? 'But if i did'nt type any thing, or if i make it is empty, i am getting' Hello ! How are you today? 'Can i bring a word 'Stranger' in between 'Hello" and "How are you today?"if the promptbox made empty:eg.' Hello Stranger How are you today?'
  13. shaijuelayidath

    Prompt box modification

    something wrong again i faced, the code i done is below: <script>function myFunction(){var x;var name=prompt("Please enter your name","Harry Potter"); if (name!=null){x="Hello " + name + "! How are you today?";document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=x;}else (name==null){x="Hello Stranger ! How are you today?";document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=x;}}</script> if i click again in the button and enter a different name, it is showing only 'Hello Stranger !How are you today?"can it possible 'when i am entering a 'name', it should be show 'name' and when i make it empty it should show 'Hello Stranger How are you today?"
  14. shaijuelayidath

    Javascript Increment Doubt

    The below code is the increment tutorial from W3Schools.Here 'y' assigned value '5' and x=++y;The result is showing value of 'y' is "6"As per the var delcaration the result should'nt be shown '5', is'nt it ?Can anybody clarify it <p id="demo"></p> <script type="text/javascript">function myFunction(){var y=5;var x=++y;var demoP=document.getElementById("demo")demoP.innerHTML=y;}</script>
  15. shaijuelayidath

    JS in <head> and <body> explanation

    I am studying Javascript from the W3Schools TutorialsIn the 'JS Where To' section of the Tutorial, in the begning says :(A JavaScript can be put in the <body> and in the <head> section of an HTML page.)But did anyone try....some Javascripts are not working from <head>Test the below Javascripts. <script type="text/javascript">var editor="dreamweaver";document.getElementById("trial").innerHTML=editor;</script> and <script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("trial").innerHTML="This is first Javascript";</script> Yesterday When I asked this as a topic I got the answer thatit should be add by 'window.onload'. That is OK.As I am a new student of Javascript I was testing by placed both in<body> and <head> as per the word in tutorialIn the <body> it is working but not from the <head>.But in the tutorial there is no any explanation about this exceptions.A new comer in Javascript Tutorial will be totally confused by this.So I says it will be very helpfull an explanation about this.
  16. shaijuelayidath

    if else with a string test fail

    In the if else tutorial, when I used a condition (10>5) it is working, but when i placed a name (string) it is not working. Code given below <script type="text/javascript">if(x="Johny"){a="Welcome Johny";}else{a="Welcome New User";}document.getElementById("on").innerHTML=a;</script> If i make any change in the name "Johny", it should'nt be show "Welcome New User" ?
  17. shaijuelayidath

    Variable Logic of '123e5'

    I have a doubt from the 'W3Schools' JS Tutorials, It is given below. The 'var y=123e5' produces 12300000.And 'var z=123e-5' produces 0.00123I did'nt understand what 'e5' and 'e-5' are stands for and how formed 12300000 from '123e5'and 0.00123 from '123e-5' ? The code given below. <script type="text/javascript">{var y=123e5;var z=123e-5;document.write(y+"<br/>"+z);}</script>
  18. shaijuelayidath

    Variable Logic of '123e5'

    can you give me any reference site to study scientific notations
  19. shaijuelayidath

    Javascript is not working from <head>

    <!DOCTYPE html><html><head></head> <body> <p id="demo">A Paragraph</p> <script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML="My First JavaScript";</script> </body></html> The script above is one of the basic manipulation of html element with Javascript. But when I place this script in the <head> tag, it is not working, but the tutorials says Javascript will work from both <head> and <body>. Can anybody clarify this ?
  20. shaijuelayidath

    <div> & background

    " div.bg " means 'The class ".bg" is set specifically to the 'div' element. For example : If it is 'p.bg' , it means class '.bg' is specifically set to the p element.If you set a single image as a background, it can't be make auto screen, but you can set a 'Gradient Background' as autoscreen size by giving it to ' repeat-x ' in the css property of the background class.
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    Put your downloaded css (i given an example name to that css 'abc' ) in a folder, and name that folder as : 'styles'. Then within the <head> tag of the site, put the code below: <link href="styles/abc.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> Note: The folder should be in the root of the website folder
  22. shaijuelayidath

    How to export and import a database from phpmyadmin 3.4.5 version

    now i given permissions to the user, everything OK now, thank you justsomeguy
  23. I am new to mysqli am trying to export a database from my phpMyadmin for Wordpress.i am not seeing a Save As option in my page of export. My version is 3.4.5can anybody help me to export and import the database to my host cpanel
  24. shaijuelayidath

    How to export and import a database from phpmyadmin 3.4.5 version

    now i exported as SQL formal, but when i importing it in to my server showing the below alert'#1142 - CREATE command denied to user 'C163071_user'@'' for table 'test' 'What this means ?
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    Drop Databse Error

    I am suffering to delete a database from my phpmyadmin,but it is showing an error like following #1010 - Error dropping database (can't rmdir '.\test\', errno: 17) I don't know what is the complaint, can anybody help me