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JS Touch Event - Controlling the amount of horizontal movement of the element

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I'm just learning the JavaScript touch event. For this I created this example:

Example on Codepen

In the above example, you can grab the element and move it to the right or left.

It works. However I want to limit the horizontal movement of the element (for example only 100px to the left and 100px to the right).

How can I do this?


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First, find your limits:

var leftLimit = init_pos[0] - 100;
var rightLimit = init_pos[0] + 100;

Then store the currently calculated position:

var newX = init_pos[0] + e.pageX - drag_start [0];

If the position is within the limits, use that position, otherwise use the limit.

if(newX < leftLimit) {
  newX = leftLimit;
if(newX > rightLimit) {
  newX = rightLimit;

Finally, set the style of the element:

drag_target.style.left = newX + "px";


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