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Drag immage do this

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I failed to find an example of something specific i am looking for.

This is what i want: 

<img src="a.jpg" id="1"> <img src="a.jpg" id="2"> <img src="a.jpg" id="3"> 

<img src="b.jpg" id="dragable-1"> <img src="b.jpg" id="dragable-2"> 

When a draggable image (as seen in the ID), gets dragged onto another image i want this to happen:

<a href="mylink.php?draggable=IDDRAGGABLE1&to=IDOFTHEIMMAGEITGOTDROPPEDINTO"></a>

Can i find any tutorial on this?
Is this difficult?

Thanks in advance =D

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You want what to happen, an anchor to get created or edited or something?

Like with most things, instead of finding something that tells you exactly how to do specifically what you want to do, you need to understand the basics and the theory yourself so that you can apply that to build what you want.  You can start here, but there's a lot more information online about dragging and dropping.


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