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  1. Use parentheses to separate the AND and OR conditions.
  2. The manual shows how to use the function: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.stristr.php
  3. That's a pretty vague question. If it's a regular anchor tag then use a target attribute set to "_blank".
  4. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/location https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Location
  5. I don't have an instagram account, but if you're having problems using it then hopefully you can contact them or look for a forum that they provide. It looks to me like you need to login on the page that they redirect you to, if you're saying that doesn't work then I don't know why.
  6. Well I bet you can access it just fine with ajax if you log in with that browser first. It's still the browser that sends the request, it's not like when you send an ajax request the browser does something completely different than when you click a link or type a URL. They are all the same kinds of requests to the web server.
  7. OK. So, you want to continue the repetition then. That's up to you. And you think, what, the fundamentals between versions 5 and 7 are any different, or are different enough so that 7 is more complex or confusing? Maybe you'll be surprised to learn that that vast majority of the fundamentals are identical, I don't know, that if you learn the fundamentals for any version then any later version is going to be much easier to learn. That's up to you though if you want to continue to wait before learning the very basics of what you're attempting to use. Well, since you seem to be pretty sensitive to various books either not saying enough or saying too much, maybe start with the free online tutorials and read through enough to them to get an idea about what you're working with. My major suggestion would continue to be books. Why do you think the variable name has absolutely any relevance whatsoever? If I want to design a database table to hold users and I decide to name the table "Cholula", and I want a column to hold each users' ID, and I decide to name that column "watermelon", and when I'm passing that user ID in a URL I decide to name the $_GET variable "cauliflower", do you think that the database, or the web server, or PHP, or any other Earthly thing really cares about my choice of names and is going to raise an error if I try to do this: $stmt = $pdo->prepare('DELETE FROM Cholula WHERE watermelon = ?'); $stmt->execute([$_GET['cauliflower']]); Maybe you do think it matters, I don't know, because you never read the part of the fundamentals that says that variable names don't matter and are arbitrary. Maybe that's why you have such a hard time finding things that you think will work for you, because you have no clue that the actual identifiers and other names are 100% irrelevant to what the code does. I don't know, but I guess you want to continue to repeat the pattern, so good luck.
  8. I wouldn't say that. You have repeatedly had your mistakes pointed out to you, especially in the learning process, and you have not made an attempt to correct or learn from those mistakes. I have repeatedly told you to start at the beginning and not skip anything, and you have refused to do that. You are not "sticking with it," you are only spinning your wheels. You are not making any progress because you do not know the fundamentals. You do not know how to replace things in a query to adapt it to your situation because you never bothered to learn the structure of queries or the importance of data types, which are fundamental to any programming language, including PHP and SQL. And I have told you this dozens of times and you still never stop and go back to the beginning and start where you should, you keep trying to make progress and you never do because you do not understand what you are working with. The thing you are right about is that there is a repeating pattern. So, what do you want to do, you want to continue repeating? Or do you want to stop and try something else that actually works?
  9. The login page has a "sign up" link.
  10. If you're unable to look at the many, many examples out there of delete queries and apply them to your situation, then that's a failure on your part that you need to work on. I don't understand the reason for that, and I don't understand the solution. It sounds to me, again, like you skip any discussion about the meaning of anything and just look at code examples. That is not how to learn. If you think all of the watered-down tutorials and examples that you're looking through are too complicated or abstract, consider the official documentation: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/delete.html In case it's not obvious, you're wrong. The examples that you see DO apply to your situation, due to the fact that every delete query follows the same basic structure. The fact that you see a query that has a WHERE condition that compares a column with a string, and you have absolutely no idea how to translate that to a WHERE condition that compares a different column with a number, is a failure on your part to understand anything that you're doing. Understanding is not and never has been your goal, you want to skip to the end and think that programming is the one trade in the entire world where you can skip the necessary knowledge and manage to still produce a functional product. I have absolutely no idea where you got that idea from, but it too is wrong. I don't know how many times you need to hear this, but obviously "several dozen" is too few for some reason. Why not? What makes you unique to everyone else who has tried? Is there a learning disability or something that we're not aware of? Because if you have a learning disability, and you're asking for help, that's knowledge that the people helping you need.
  11. This can't be real, this has to be a set up. "How do I unlock a door?" "Well, I'll show you, look, here's my door. I get my key out of my pocket, put it in the lock, turn it, and the door is unlocked." "I don't understand, because even though my door also has a lock and looks similar, and I have a key that more or less looks like yours, since you showed me with YOUR key and YOUR lock, I don't understand at all how that applies to my door." This is an attempt to see how much of our time you can waste, isn't it? I feel like you would watch a video of someone showing how to play a certain song on a piano, but it wouldn't make sense because the person played it on their piano in their house and not your piano in your house. I feel like you would watch a video of how to remove a bolt but it wouldn't make sense because they're not using your wrench.
  12. And, just to be clear, you are unable to extrapolate any example that you see that is not related to your specific and exact situation, correct? Because you don't bother to understand what they're talking about, you only look at example code and think that you're going to somehow gain some sort of knowledge just by looking at code enough. Is that right? When the syntax is like this: DELETE FROM table WHERE column = value You look at that, and you can't see how it applies to you, because your table name isn't italic table, and your column name is not italic column, and the value you're looking for is "an ID", and not italic value, right? So it must not apply to your situation, and your situation must use some sort of completely different DELETE query that you cannot manage to find a single example of, and none of the other DELETE queries apply to you because you're using "an ID." Is all of that about right in terms of how you're looking at this?
  13. What about it? Yes there is, it shows how to delete one or more records that match a certain value (like an ID), and how to delete all records. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_delete.asp
  14. You popped in just to reply to a 4-year-old topic, huh?
  15. It looks like you have a condition where you're trying to do everything real-time and getting messed up because you're changing things as you go. Find the current selected row and save that as a variable. Find the row to be selected and save that as a variable. Then work with those variables instead of using CSS selectors to always find the things you're looking for in the data set that you're actively changing. Also, I assume you mean "keyup."
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