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  1. Hello,I'm still trying to get used to XML & XSD (new for me).I've been running some tests and one doubt showed up:I have my XSD file with my schema, and I have my XML file, that MUST follow what my schema says, right?But how can I know when the XML file DOESN'T fit the schema code, this is an error. But how can I catch this?Thanks
  2. Brunods

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    Thank you! nice weight off! Must confess I didnt see anything special in XHTML besides the "road to standard internet". :)Ok, XHMT is NOT XML, but can I add other namespaces besides the XHTML one and use some XML features, e.g. the XLinks?
  3. Brunods

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    Hello fellas,Im an old adept of HTML and Im trying to upgrade myself to XHTML.-Wich file extension should I use for XHML?In theory, it shoudn't be THAT different, BUT, with IE6, if I use different file extensions the result comes out different too!If I use *.xml extensions(should I use XML extensions for XHTML files?), IE displays the Document Element Tree instead of what I wanted, that would only appear if I would use the *.html or *.xhtml extensions.I am very Confused, can anyone help me out?Thanks a lot.
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