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    goteborg, vastra gotaland (sweden)
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    computer programing, web building, computer graphics/visuals, anime (some manga), used to like gaming (but interest is fading :-( ), enjoy rave/techno/house/metal/chill... etc music
  1. tzpb8


    Seems like most users wants mods, i voted yes if you wonder :)But i'm new to the forum so cant tell if there is a immediate problem though.Think that this poll is getting old, time to close maybe?
  2. tzpb8

    Need Some Help

    Isn't your computer your server?And if your admin panel is blocked, how do you use it lol?Dont understand
  3. tzpb8

    Custom font

    Flash huh?... Seems like a good idea, hope it doesn't load to much, thx .
  4. tzpb8

    Custom font

    Seems to be *.png files that are linked to through styles, image
  5. tzpb8

    Custom font

    Tried it on my web site, displayed normal font face if you wonder.
  6. tzpb8

    Custom font

    Not "Hello" to "olleH", i mean reverse the font itself, not the order of the characters :)like bi = diorbbbdd = dddbb
  7. tzpb8

    IE-only code

    I didn't find registering annoying, but if possible one could just reduce the number of fields to fill?
  8. tzpb8

    Custom font

    I'm using my own customized font which is displayed in reverse e.g (b = d)but other people visisting my web site need to download it...So i were wondering if anyone could be so kind and please tell me how to set it up so people can see my custom fonts without having to visit my download page to download the font and install it in windows/font/ as a ttf font file.If it is not possible, i would appreciate an alternative to my custom font, that can bring a result almost alike or equal?
  9. It is better to specialize on one major concept instaid on several resembling onces IMO.But if you insist on having it, atleast make the layout of the tutorials differint e.g background colors red etc, another domain would be the best.
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