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  1. Oh, additional and possibly very relevant information:I don't actually need the video to play real-time inside the canvas, I just need canvas (or something else!) to be able to take still-frames from a paused video playing in a <video> tag, and save those still-frames on the server.
  2. I've been enthusiastically reading a lot of w3schools' tutorials and reference pages on HTML, which is a very big step in the right direction for HTML. Alright, so far so good. The <canvas> and <video> tags are amazing, and things like the technique used here is very exciting: http://www.w3schools...drawimage_video However, I've run into a bit of a show-stopper: the example above, and any similar ones I've been able to find, does not work on mobile devices - even ones that support both <video> and <canvas> by themselves. I haven't tried it on any iOS devices, but web se
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