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  1. I was going to add the CSS code to my post but I'm at work and don't have the code with me. I can add it here in the morning when I get home. I am intending to learn code but as I have very limited time to get this site done my only option was to ask you guys for help.As soon as I get home I'll post the code and if you can help I'll be forever in your debt!!
  2. Hello. I'm a bit of a newbie so rather than building a site from scratch I decided to try editing a template. My girlfriend wanted a website for her new business so I said I should be able to do it for her. I found Andreas Viklund's website http://andreasviklund.com/ and showed her the templates. She decided she wanted andreaso6http://andreasviklun...ates/andreas06/so I started editing it using Dreamweaver 8. I then changed something in the code, I'm not sure what and it all went wrong, so I now have to start from scratch. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to edit the templa
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