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  1. Thanks very much for this. You guys are a great help. I may be back some time soon...
  2. Hi there, After many hours searching for the answer to what I thought was a relatively simple query, I am still no wiser. I hope an expert here will be able to help me with the following - How do you maintain the proportions of child div as its parent gets larger, when the parent is set to width:auto (to fill the browser)? For example say the parent is 1000px X 400px and its child is 200px X 100px; when the browser is resized and changes the parent to 500 x 200, what is the CSS code to ensure the child div changes size with it, proportionally, making it 100 px X 50px? This is because I have come across a JS plugin to scale the text to fit the div. Many thanks in advance, I look forward to reading the response. Matt
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