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    web designing, internet n computer, javascript,css,php, n xhtml
  1. hiiii i m also starting to learn java. I 2 wanna b a web developer. 2 understand it easily i m learning c++ now, it abt to complete. How u r learning it. If u get any easy way to learn it plz informm me 2.
  2. crazyanyz0an


    i want 2 learn java myself with online help do anybody know how i can learn it online. do anybody know any site which would be helpful to me in learning javascript.
  3. thanks a lot. whats ur name thanks ste
  4. thanks a lot. i m learning web designing i want to be a web master. i have learn html, css n xml but in short thers's a lot to to learn yet. i want to learn java do u know n php n .net n evertthing which is necessary to be a web master what do u think how should i learn it, on net or by someone
  5. crazyanyz0an

    meta type

    hii m designing a web page using html,css,html n a little bit of java scripting. i want to add a search engine on my web page but i dont want to link it actully i want a code that'll able my visitors to search anything on my page. ya i know i used a simple tag coz i dont know how to do that if anybody can, plz tell me <font color="green" >Google</font><input type="text" name="name"><input type="submit" name="google" value="Go"> i have leant html but i still dontunderstand "meta type" n "applet" n "id selector" code. can anybody tell me how i use these code n what i
  6. crazyanyz0an

    java script

    ya it's www.javascript.com.
  7. hi i m learning web designing. i want to be a web master. ihad learnt html,css,xhtml,dhtml. what other applications are necessary to be a web master.
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