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    Thank you Synook for clarify the raw listing for me. As well I tried changing permissions in a ftp client, rather then through a script and it worked.Thanks again,Zaghloul
  2. Zaghloul


    Hey all, I've been troubleshooting a permissions problem with fopen for quite some time. Basically I want to write to a file on a website. I can read the file with no problem. However when I try and write to it using...$handle = fopen('file.txt', 'wb');I get the following error:fopen(file.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in...I've tried to change the permissions with the following:chmod('file.txt', 0755);I get the following error:chmod(): Operation not permitted in...I'm not sure why chmod is not permitted. Safe mode is off...As well I tried this FTP chmod command...ftp_site($conn, "CHMOD 0777 $fileName");This doesn't work either.Also I tried chown...chown('test.txt', "username");And received this error:chown(): Unable to find uid for username in... Looking at the raw listing it looks as if the permissions are correct (not to sure):-rw-r--r-- 1 username username 8 Apr 3 05:25 test.txtAny help, suggestions or explanation would be awesome.Thanks,Zaghloul
  3. Thank you for your reply justsomeguy. It was actually the use of "device defaults", I just embedded the fonts and unclicked device fonts and it works like a charm. (well except for a bigger .swf size) Thanks anywho,Zaghloul
  4. Hey all, Having some problems with text in flash hoping someone can shed some light on this. On my display it shows up properly however on three others and presumably more it doesn't it. It pertains to text overlapping the "border". I was wondering what reasons there could be for this. I've tried changing the resolution on my display to see if that was the case but that didn't make a difference. It has been tested in Opera/Safari/IE/Firefox and it show up the same in all... So if it's not the browser and it's not the resolution... What could it be then? Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance,Zaghloul
  5. Haha, thanks, figured it out after I posted, sry didn't get a chance to edit/update my post. Thanks for your replay
  6. Hey all, here's the problem. I'm trying to create a progress bar for a flash music player, I've got the math right , However I can't seem to figure out a way to add a listener for a variable. Basicly, when the music is playing "mySound.position" is constantly changing and therefor I need to figure out a way to constantly update the bar. Any help would be great, if anything is unclear just ask and I'll try and explain better. Thanks again.
  7. Zaghloul

    IP address help

    Hey all,I need some help with figuring out the visitors IP address. I've tried numerous different things such as:$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];This works however, when testing it on my own IP address it displays an IP address. Now when I check it by clicking on start/Run. "cmd.exe", then in command prompt I type "ipconfig /all". Now the problem is the IP address's don't match, can anyone explain why this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated,Zaghloul
  8. Zaghloul

    css and textarea

    ok, thanks alot vchris.take care,Zaghloul
  9. Zaghloul

    css and textarea

    Thanks for your patients, i tried using the iframe, and the textarea being a child. However the same problem occurs. Example: "<b>test<b>" displays as "<b>test</b>" and not "test", within the textarea...thanks again,Zaghloul
  10. Zaghloul

    css and textarea

    hey, thanks for your reply. Can you go into a little further detail. I'm talking about a textarea, which you can edit. How can a Iframe help with that? Thanks again,Zagloul
  11. Zaghloul

    css and textarea

    hey all, Quick question, been trying for awhile with no luck. Is it possible to have different css properties for a textarea. An example would be having one word in bold and another in the color red, in the same textarea. I've tried numerous different methods with no luck. Normally this could be solved with having "<p>", however because this is in a textarea it simply shows "<p>" and doesn't except it as actual coding. Any help in this matter would be greatly appriated.Thank you in advance,Zaghloul
  12. Thanks for your reply, and yes that's what I was going for. Thanks again,
  13. Hey all, quick question. Is it possible to have a JavaScript statement span multiple lines? Been looking for awhile for a way to do this and can't seem to find anything.Thanks in advance,
  14. Thank you for your reply, what exactly is "ajax"? Is it basicly the use of different scripting languages within one script? But anyways I recently figured out how to accomplish the above post.Thanks again,
  15. Hey all first post, i have a quick question, should be simple however it would seem not. Basically, I'm trying to assign the value of a javascript variable to a php variable. I understand that this can be accomplished with the use of cookies, saving it in javascript loading it in php. However this would be, hopefully, an unneeded burden on the server (esspecially if the varible keeps changing). Any help in this manner would be greatly appriated. If anything is unclear please just let me know and I will do my best to clarify myself.Thanks in advance,
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