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  1. I see. But the problem is, I've decided I'm going to use a whole new individual page not the edit profile info page. How would it work then?
  2. This is an issue that has been bugging me for a while. Say, for example, you want to create an 'Add Gender Profile Field' for a forum system, specifically InvisionFree, (I know it already exists - this is just for the sake of an example) code out of scratch. You insert the dropdown box into the table in the Edit Profile Info page. The user selects his gender and clicks on the 'Amend my profile' button. Once the page comes back, the dropdown box won't have the option the user selected, but rather the default/first option - I'm looking for a way to change this and make it save the data no matter how many times the page is refreshed. Is anybody familiar with a way to achieve this?I've tried but I haven't had any results.Keep in mind I have no access to the HTML/PHP and I cannot add PHP.Thanks to everyone who tries to help!
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