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  1. Hey thanks everyone! I'm a mac user and Gimp (free download) seems to be a great image editor! Thanks again! Britta
  2. Hi and thanks for your reply. I've read this page.. maybe I'm missing something. But it seems to me that there must be some kind of application needed. Say I have an image of a necklace which as 3 beads. I want to make each bead clickable. How can I find out the coordinates of the beads in order to make the image map? In the example they have of the the clickable planets, we see the coordinates in the html script. But how did they locate these coordinates? Thanks again!
  3. Hi there - I've been learning html through W3Schools.com. At the beginning of the course I read that using TextEdit is a great too to use for practice. However, now I'm at 'Create an Image Map' (http://www.w3schools...tryhtml_areamap) and I have no idea how to actually assign coordinates to objects in the image I'm working with. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks ! Ekorn
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