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  1. Thank you jardrake, But i don't expect people to come help me each and every time i have a problem, and i would also like a book with exercises i can do at the end of the chapter that can tune my skills. Any Suggestions?
  2. What is the best book for starters in JavaScript? when i look on amazon it says some good ones where: -JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual -Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design -Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML. CSS. JavaScript, and Web Graphics -Secrets of the JavaScript NinjaWhat are some recommendation from your hands on experience?
  3. Could you show me where i would place the <pre></pre> \t and \n tags when i try it, my text no longer shows in browser.
  4. var donation = new Array(4); for (var i = 0; i < donation.length; ++ i) { donation [i] = new Array(4)} donation [0][0] = "#111"; donation [0][1] = "Jane"; donation [0][2] = "Doe"; donation [0][3] = "$100.00"; donation [1][0] = "#222";donation [1][1] = "John";donation [1][2] = "Doe";donation [1][3] = "$200.00"; donation [2][0] = "#333";donation [2][1] = "Joe";donation [2][2] = "Smith";donation [2][3] = "$300.00";document.write(donation [0][0]);document.write(donation [0][1]);document.write(donation [0][2]);document.write(donation [0][3]);document.write(donation [1][0]);document.write(donation [1][1]);document.write(donation [1][2]);document.write(donation [1][3]);document.write(donation [2][0]);document.write(donation [2][1]);document.write(donation [2][2]);document.write(donation [2][3]); my output for my code is: #111JaneDoe$100.00#222JohnDoe$200.00#333JoeSmith$300.00 but i need to to look like this: #111 Jane Doe $100.00#222 John Doe $200.00#333 Joe Smith $300.00 with more space between the #111, Jane, Doe and 100.00.
  5. I am trying to change the style of one word inside of a whole bunch of words that are all inside of <P></P> tags. Here is an example of what i am trying to do <p>I go to the mall.i drive fast cars, i get a lot of money. and I travel all around the world.</p> I want to change the color of (i get a lot of money). give it a background color and a border.
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