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  1. I'm currently looking for a script which will allow admins to go to a webpage where there will be 2 buttons, the First button will Start a .exe, the Second button will Close the .exe (There can also be a restart button, which Closes the .exe & Then Opens the .exe) If someone is able to provide a working script that will do this i would be very thankfull!!! Please help me out!! I really have no idea how to do this... i was thinking of php but i have really no idea!! i'm quite newb in this stuff EDIT: The .exe is located on a server which hosts infinity724 (Game) the webpage will be hosted o
  2. Thanks! pfff... another programming mistery solved
  3. but it now shows the include regarding of the submit.. i need it to hide when it hasnt been selected.. like if i select ''iphone'' it will show an include with iphone models, and when i select samsung, it will show an include with samsung models, so when i select item and ''submit'' that it only then shows the include, and when i have not yet clicked submit that it stays blank
  4. how do i make this work? I need the if else statement to work.. like if i select ''samsung'' and i press submit the file must be included... but i just dont get the right code.. things that i've tried: if ($device="samsung")if (in_array("samsung" , $devices))if (in_array($devices="samsung"))and some others that i can't remember <html><body> <?php$devices = array('iphone' => 'iPhone', 'samsung' => 'Samsung', 'nokia' => 'Nokia', 'sonyericsson' => 'Sonyericsson', 'htc' => 'HTC',);echo '<form method="post">'; echo '<select>'; foreach
  5. Hi guys, so i've been working on this idea for quite a while now.. the only thing is.. i'm not exactly sure how to do it.. i want to make a automatic request system where you can request phone repair service trough the company website. something like: (DROPDOWN BOX) iPhone(selected) Samsung Nokia Sony Ericsson HTC ( DROPDOWNBOX which will react on first choice, like when i select iPhone something like this should come)iPhone 3(G)SiPhone 4iPhone 4 SiPhone 5 and then ofcourse the 3rd dropdown box where you will be selecting the problem(DROPDOWN BOX)Screen brokenButton
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