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  1. I'm currently looking for a script which will allow admins to go to a webpage where there will be 2 buttons, the First button will Start a .exe, the Second button will Close the .exe (There can also be a restart button, which Closes the .exe & Then Opens the .exe) If someone is able to provide a working script that will do this i would be very thankfull!!! Please help me out!! I really have no idea how to do this... i was thinking of php but i have really no idea!! i'm quite newb in this stuff EDIT: The .exe is located on a server which hosts infinity724 (Game) the webpage will be hosted on another server which hosts infinity724 (Forums)
  2. Thanks! pfff... another programming mistery solved
  3. but it now shows the include regarding of the submit.. i need it to hide when it hasnt been selected.. like if i select ''iphone'' it will show an include with iphone models, and when i select samsung, it will show an include with samsung models, so when i select item and ''submit'' that it only then shows the include, and when i have not yet clicked submit that it stays blank
  4. how do i make this work? I need the if else statement to work.. like if i select ''samsung'' and i press submit the file must be included... but i just dont get the right code.. things that i've tried: if ($device="samsung")if (in_array("samsung" , $devices))if (in_array($devices="samsung"))and some others that i can't remember <html><body> <?php$devices = array('iphone' => 'iPhone', 'samsung' => 'Samsung', 'nokia' => 'Nokia', 'sonyericsson' => 'Sonyericsson', 'htc' => 'HTC',);echo '<form method="post">'; echo '<select>'; foreach($devices AS $key => $value) echo '<option value="'. $key .'">'. $value .'</option>'; echo '</select>'; echo '<input type="submit" value="Submit">';echo '</form>'; if (in_array($devices , 'samsung')){ include 'C:\xampp\htdocs\Websites\myfolder\includes\samsungmod.php';} ?></body></html> PLEASE HELP ME! thanks
  5. Hi guys, so i've been working on this idea for quite a while now.. the only thing is.. i'm not exactly sure how to do it.. i want to make a automatic request system where you can request phone repair service trough the company website. something like: (DROPDOWN BOX) iPhone(selected) Samsung Nokia Sony Ericsson HTC ( DROPDOWNBOX which will react on first choice, like when i select iPhone something like this should come)iPhone 3(G)SiPhone 4iPhone 4 SiPhone 5 and then ofcourse the 3rd dropdown box where you will be selecting the problem(DROPDOWN BOX)Screen brokenButton doesnt workPhone wont chargeWater damagePhone wont go onSoftware issue and then the selected items gotta be saved in a database or something.. not exactly sure how i'm gonna do that.. (ofcourse there will be more info required to request a repair, like name and adress and all that.. but for now i just wat the dropdown boxes working) Soooooo.... anyways i've made an array with php before.. but i don't know exactly how to make them in combination with if//else like if iphone selected, include.... the other select.. here's what i made so far <html><body> <?php $devices = array('iphone' => 'iPhone', 'samsung' => 'Samsung', 'nokia' => 'Nokia', 'sonyericsson' => 'Sonyericsson', 'htc' => 'HTC',);echo '<form method="post">'; echo '<select>'; foreach($devices AS $key => $value) echo '<option value="'. $key .'">'. $value .'</option>'; echo '</select>'; echo '<input type="submit" value="Submit">'; echo '</form>'; ?></body></html> If someone could help me i would really appriciate it, Thanks guys! Edit: I've tried something with buttons aswell... in combination with javascript.. didn't work out so well <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script>function iphonebtn() /*The iPhone Buttons*/{document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML= "iPhone";var element = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("apple").appendChild(element);var element2 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("apple").appendChild(element2);var element3 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("apple").appendChild(element3);document.getElementById("apple").getElementsByTagName("button")[1].innerHTML="iPhone 5";document.getElementById("apple").getElementsByTagName("button")[2].innerHTML="iPhone 4";document.getElementById("apple").getElementsByTagName("button")[3].innerHTML="iPhone 4s"; /*document.getElementById("apple").onclick = function(){ alert ("please choose problem")};*/};/*The Samsung Buttons*/function samsungbtn(){document.getElementById("demo2").innerHTML= "Samsung";var element4 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("samsung").appendChild(element4);var element5 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("samsung").appendChild(element5);var element6 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("samsung").appendChild(element6);document.getElementById("samsung").getElementsByTagName("button")[1].innerHTML="Galaxy SII";document.getElementById("samsung").getElementsByTagName("button")[2].innerHTML="Galaxy SIII";document.getElementById("samsung").getElementsByTagName("button")[3].innerHTML="Galaxy S Advance"; /*document.getElementById("samsung").onclick = function(){ alert ("please choose problem")};*/ }; /*The HTC Buttons*/ function htcbtn(){ document.getElementById("demo4").innerHTML= "HTC";var element10 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("htc").appendChild(element10);var element11 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("htc").appendChild(element11); var element12 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("htc").appendChild(element12);document.getElementById("htc").getElementsByTagName("button")[1].innerHTML="HTC one X";document.getElementById("htc").getElementsByTagName("button")[2].innerHTML="HTC one V";document.getElementById("htc").getElementsByTagName("button")[3].innerHTML="HTC one S"; /*document.getElementById("htc").onclick = function(){ alert ("please choose problem")};*/}; /*The defect Buttons*/ function defectbtn(){document.getElementById("demo3").innerHTML= "Problem";var element7 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("glass").appendChild(element7);var element8 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("glass").appendChild(element8); var element9 = document.createElement("button");document.getElementById("glass").appendChild(element9);document.getElementById("glass").getElementsByTagName("button")[1].innerHTML="Water Damage";document.getElementById("glass").getElementsByTagName("button")[2].innerHTML="Phone wont Charge";document.getElementById("glass").getElementsByTagName("button")[3].innerHTML="Button doesn't work"; };</script></head><body> <font face="arial" size="4" color="blue"> Kies uw telefoon </font><div id="apple"><button id="demo" type="button" onclick="iphonebtn(),defectbtn(),this.disabled = 'disabled';"> iPhone </button></div><br /><div id="samsung"><button id="demo2" type="button" onclick="samsungbtn(),defectbtn(),this.disabled = 'disabled';"> Samsung </button></div><br /> <div id="htc"><button id="demo4" type="button" onclick="htcbtn(),defectbtn(),this.disabled = 'disabled';"> HTC </button></div><br /> <div id="glass"><button id="demo3" type="button" onclick="defectbtn(),this.disabled = 'disabled';"> Problem </button></div><br /> <h1>Reparatie aanvragen</h1> <p></p> <form name='registration' onSubmit="return formValidation();"> <ul> <li><label for="userid">ID (indien bekend)</label></li> <li><input type="text" name="ID" size="12" /></li> <li><label for="username">Voornaam:</label></li> <li><input type="text" name="username" size="50" /></li> <li><label for="address">Adres:</label></li> <li><input type="text" name="address" size="50" /></li> <li><label for="country">Land:</label></li> <li><select name="country"> <option selected="" value="Default">(Selecteer een Land)</option> <option value="AF">Nederland</option> <option value="AD">Belgiƫ</option> </select></li> <li><label for="zip">Postcode:</label></li> <li><input type="text" name="zip" /></li> <li><label for="email">Email:</label></li> <li><input type="text" name="email" size="50" /></li> <li><label>Language:</label></li> <li><label for="desc">Bijzonderheden:</label></li> <li><textarea name="desc" id="desc"></textarea></li> <li><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /></li> </ul> </form></body></html>
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