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    dynamic images

    Alright I got it... The image size was too big... It's working now... And it took me hours -.-And I used the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] variable, that helped too! Thank you!
  2. FeRo

    dynamic images

    but how am I supposed to do that? I mean the two files are in the same directory...
  3. FeRo

    dynamic images

    The problem is, when I leave the slash I get a 500 internal error(in firebug) and I don't know why, because I obviously have the image in my root website folder.
  4. FeRo

    dynamic images

    Hi, I've been sitting on this problem for days now...I've got two files:index.php: <html> <head> </head> <body> <img src='getImage.php' /> </body></html> getImage.php: <?php$img = imagecreatefromjpeg("/datei.jpg"); header("Content-Type: image/jpeg"); imagejpeg($img); imagedestroy($img);?> Those 2 php files and the image are all in the root directory. I think the code is correct and using firebug I don't get an error, but still there is only an empty image icon displayed...I made both php files executable and the imagefile wr
  5. FeRo

    jQuery draggable

    I want that if you click on the window_wrap both elements get moved, but if you click on the window itself nothing moves (similar to a browser window).
  6. Hi! So this is the situation:I've got a window-wrap and inside it I have a window. I want to make the window-wrap draggable, but not the window. Now I guess the window inherits the draggable from the window-wrap, so I tried to turn it off but it doesn't work... This is what I got: $(".window_wrap").draggable({containment: '#screen'}); $(".window").draggable("disable");
  7. FeRo

    jQuery $.get()

    Okay I just had some little syntax error!It's working perfectly now!THANK YOU!
  8. FeRo

    jQuery $.get()

    Thank you for your replies!But why doesn't it work when I type, instead of the $id, some random echo (echo "whatever"; )?It still alerts nothing(it's empty), but when I open the test.php file itself the text does show up....
  9. FeRo

    jQuery $.get()

    Thank you for the fast answer!Then how can I get some kind of return value?Or how would you approach this?I'm just trying to get that Session Array back into javascript somehow...
  10. FeRo

    jQuery $.get()

    Hi! I've been working on this thing for hours and I would reeeally appreciate some help... I'm using this Code in my js-File: function runPosition(the_id, left, top){$.get("test.php?id="+the_id+"&left="+left+"&top="+top, {}, function(position) { alert(position);});} the_id, left, and top are just parameters which are being delivered to this function by some other function (they are correct) And the test.php looks like this: <?phpsession_start();$id = $_GET["id"];$top = $_GET["top"];$left = $_GET["left"];$_SESSION[$id] = [$top, $left, $id];return $id;?> But the alert() is c
  11. FeRo


    Hey! I tried this code: <div value="1" ondblclick="createWindow(this.value)" class="button"></div> It's not important what the function createWindow() does, but the "this.value" is just not getting the value "1". It keeps saying that "value" is undefined and I don't know why! It may have to do with some other part of the code, so I was just wondering if this should work... Thank You!
  12. Thank you soo very much!!! Finally I got it!!
  13. Thanks. I guess I forgot to take that out. I used the alert() to see if the function was working at all... I'm just gonna post the whole code because I went through it for hours and still have no clue what could be wrong... (since it is still not working)HTML(+js): <html> <head> <title>Canvas Paint - Example 5</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <script> function changeColor(color) { document.getElementById("chosenColor").style.backgroundColor = color; alert(color.innerHTML); } </scrip
  14. Hi!I've got a slight problem I'm just not able to work out.I'm trying to change the backgroundColor of a div to the backgroundColor of another div, by clicking on the second one with the following code, but it doesn't work and I have no idea why. Html: <div id="chosenColor"></div> <div id="c1" onClick="changeColor(this.style.backgroundColor)"></div> JavaScript: function changeColor(color){document.getElementById("chosenColor").style.backgroundColor = color;alert(color.innerHTML);} CSS: #chosenColor {background-color: black;}#c1 {background-color: yellow; } Tha
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