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  1. forgot <header> tag in html. now it kind of works, thanks
  2. hello. i'm trying to make a basic layout by following steps provided in video tutorial. here's the code: html {background:yellow;}body { width:90%; background:brown; margin:0 auto;}header { height:50px; margin-bottom:1em;} Apparently, this code should allocate a header space on the top of the page but it simply does not happen. Also tried with .header class, but the result was the same. And here's HTML code: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <title>Test</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> </head><body&g
  3. h1.test{font-style:italic;color:white;font-size:40px;font-weight:800;}p.test_p{font-family:cursive;color:white;font-size:40px;}p.padding{padding-left:50%;}p{text-indent:40px;text-align:justify;letter-spacing:3px;color:black;font-family:cursive;}body{background-position:center bottom;background-repeat:no repeat;background-color:orange;}.thumbnail{float:left;width:110px;height:90px;margin:5px;}a{color:brown;text-decoration:none;}a:hover{color:green;}a:active{color:red;}.left{position:absolute;left:0px;width:50%;}
  4. Hi. I created two buttons. Here is an excerpt from my HTML code: <body><h1 class="test">Welcome</h1><p class="test_p">Hei</p><p id="schmuck">Here are some pictures</p><p class="left" id="hide"> <img class="thumbnail" src="flower.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower7.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower1.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower2.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower3.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower4.jpg"><img class="thumbnail" src="flower5.jpg"><img class="thumbnail
  5. hi. learnign JavaScript from tutorial provided at http://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp In JavaScript Array Object section, I was presented with this script: <script>var i;var mycars = new Array();mycars[0] = "Saab";mycars[1] = "Volvo";mycars[2] = "BMW";for (i=0;i<mycars.length;i++){document.write(mycars + "<br>");}</script> I realize that this code says to increase integer value by 1 as long as i<mycars.length But i don't get what is mycars.length in this case? The length of "mycars" (6 characters in this case?) I experimented by adding additional variables: <scri
  6. Hi. I have a small .html file which is linked to .css file. However, not all atributes in .css file are "transfered" to the content in .html file - only a background image and text color are tranfered, whereas font-style, font-size and font-weight are not. Here's the content of .css file (with atributes which are not transfered marked in bold): h1.test{font-style:cursive;color:white;font-size:40px;font-weight:1800;}p.test_p{font-style:cursive;color:white;font-size:40px;font-weight:200;}body{background-image:url('flower.jpg');} And the code in html file looks like this: <!DOCTYPE html><
  7. file size is 85MB While waiting for a reply on this thread, I played with html a bit and deleted the initial code. Now, I've copied it and pasted in back, refreshed Mozilla and this time I got "No video with supported format and MIME type found". I assure you that the code is exactly the same as provided in my first post, and the video file wasn't moved to another directory and it's format is still mp4. Web console provides this output: [00:10:39.676] Specified "type" attribute of "video/mp4" is not supported. Load of media resource trakai.mp4 failed. @[00:10:39.676] All
  8. the same issue with picture. If i type the following in my code: <img src="pic.jpg" width="340" height="400" > only a blank rectangle is displayed on the webpage. Forgot to specify that my apache server and a "client machine' on which i'm testing the webpage are on the LAN, in case that has some significance
  9. hello. I'm trying to insert video in my HTML code. When i open my website, I see that video player thingy if I hit the Play button simply nothing happens. here's my code: <html> <head> <title> ULTRAKAIRIOJO GAIVALO ALJANSAS </title> </head> <hr>Įspėjimaš dėl tųrįnio</hr> <body> <video width="320" height="240" controls> <source src="trakai.mp4" type="video/mp4> </body> </html> I've followed the steps provided in a tutorial but the video won't play in my case. Both index.html and trakai.mp4 are in the same folder. U
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