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  1. Hi1)my requirement to display the checkbox checked data in table2)first i need to display whole data with checkboxes...then user will check the check boxes and clicks the button...then i neeed to display only the checkbox checked data....here is my code... <%DIM sXML4, oXML4, oNode4, sXMLColor, sDataPoint4sXML4= goBO.QueryXML("SELECT ISS_REL_ID, ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),ISS_RANK , 106),'NA') AS DATEREPORTED,ISS_TITLE AS ISSUESREPORT,ISS_IMPACT AS REPORTEDBY, "&_" ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),ISS_TRG_RS_DATE , 106),'NA') AS DATECLOSED, "&_" C_CATEGORY AS CATEGORY, "&_" CASE WHEN
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