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  1. You mean this one: body #bwg_container1_0 #bwg_container2_0 .bwg_slideshow_dots_0 { background-color: #7A7A7A !important; background: #7A7A7A !important; } I did close it didn't I?
  2. Wohoo it worked! Thanks so much! Just wondering, how did you find it out? I am also trying to change the button colour but it's also not working. When I change it on the firefox inspector tool it changes on the page so should be the right code but won't change from custom.css, even when I put body before or !important after :/ body #bwg_container1_0 #bwg_container2_0 .bwg_slideshow_dots_0 { background-color: #7A7A7A !important; background: #7A7A7A !important; }
  3. Unfortunately didn't work :'( added this to the custom.css file which should override anything before it: #bwg_container1_0 #bwg_container2_0 .bwg_slideshow_image_wrap_0 { background-color: #FFFFFF; } Should work right? :/
  4. So I am trying to find which CSS code to change for the background of the slideshow plugin I have on my page, but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to find it using the inspector tool, have been trying for over an hour now Could anyone help point me in the right direction! The page with the slider is http://dannorrisphotography.net/portraits/ Obviously I don't want the background of the slider to be black on a white page. PS sorry for being such a noob!
  5. Noz03

    Responsive design.

    Ok! I finally got it! I just added: @media screen and (max-width: 980px) {.col-c35{ width: 98%;}.col-c65{ width: 98%;}} to the css file and it now works!!One thing though... now that it is working I am thinking it is actually stacking it too soon, the sidebar disapears at 980 which is fine, but i dont want to items to stack until maybe around 750. how can I change this? I tried playing with float but honestly I dont even know where to put the float, i guess in the front-page.php? or in the css? Any suggestionsThanks again, really I spent 3 months with this problem!!! Am so happy its finally f
  6. Noz03

    Responsive design.

    Ok, but how do I make the items take up the full width of the screen when they drop down? They are still only taking up the % width that I give them even after they stack. Before I customized the theme they were 49/49% but after stacking they became 100%. I don't get why changing the 49/49 to 34/64 should affect the stacked width.
  7. Noz03

    Responsive design.

    Sorry I'm not sure I understand. I want it to stack, I just want it to be full width when it does not just 30% of the width.
  8. Noz03

    Responsive design.

    Hey guys, I have been stuck on this problem for literally 3 months now! So I REALLY hope someone here might be able to help before I lose my mind! I am using a responsive wordpress theme which has a custom home page with 2 main cells which originally have the following style in the style.css file: .col-460 { width: 48.936170212766%;} All I want to do is change the ratio so that the right box is larger than the left one, something like 65%/35% so I added this code to the style.css .col-c35{ width: 33.92%;}.col-c65{ width: 63.92%;} And changed the style of each box in front-page.php as
  9. Well they were already changing until I made the minor changes to the %s in the css file. Why did my small changes affect this? It worked fine when they both were set to .col-460 { width: 48.936170212766%;}
  10. I think I've been misunderstood. I WANT them to stack when it goes below a certain screen resolution so that it would suit a mobile screen better. BUT, since I changed the ratio between the featured image and the text, WHEN they stack it keeps the same % that I set instead of then going to 100% like it used to. Here is a screen shot of how it looks Before I changed the % in the css for the image and text it was automatically becoming 100% for both when it stacked for mobile screens. How can I get it to keep doing that?
  11. Actually I also thought this might be the problem as the original was quite a bit lower than 100% total so I tried making it 34% and 64% but still same problem
  12. My site has a custom home page template which by default had 2 items, a text and an image. I changed the style of these 2 items to make the image bigger and the text smaller, but now when the site stacks the items for a responsive view the items don't automatically resize to fit the new space as they used to do before I made my changes. The site is http://thestupidforeigner.com if you resize your window you will see what I mean, it looks horrible. Any ideas why? I changed the style from .col-460 { width: 48.936170212766%;} to .col-c35{ width: 35%;}.col-c65{ width: 65%;} If you nee
  13. Noz03

    Blog page .php

    I'm using wordpress and for some reason my themes blog page is set up horribly. I don't know why but they decided to make it show the thumbnail as a full size image above the post excerpt, but I want it to be just a standard style blog. I've been playing with the code and managed to get the thumbnail to a thumbnail size, but it is still showing ABOVE the excerpt, could anyone tell me how to get it to show them side by side (classic blog style)??the website is http://thestupidforeigner.com/blog The php code is: <div class="post-entry"> <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) : ?>
  14. Noz03

    Editing page template

    Ahh ok gotcha. Problem solved. Thanks!
  15. I'm trying to make some small changes to a wordpress page template and for the life of me can not understand what I am doing wrong!Before I started editing it was set up to display the left half with some text, and the right part with an image or slider. I put my slider in, but I want to make the right part larger and the left part smaller. Instead of 50/50 maybe something like 35/65. To me this should be as easy as just changing the "grid col-XXX" parts for each section but when I do it ends up putting the text on top and the image on the bottom! Why??? <div id="featured" class="grid col
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