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  1. thanks, i decide to make single page for every page content. beter solutionIs ok for SEO too, because i can make description and title for all the page
  2. yes i know but i make the index.php that include heder - footer - menu - and left side of webside.on the right i put the iframe so i can load all page that i need (like articles) all the articles have only the content about what i want to write , dowsn't have header footer: for better explanetion i show you: this is the first page: http://celena.gircina.ro/celena.php and all articles are here: http://celena.gircina.ro/include/page like: http://celena.gircina.ro/include/page/condens.phphttp://celena.gircina.ro/include/page/important.phphttp://celena.gircina.ro/include/page/contact.php that is a page that i open from menu what do you think that i must do
  3. Hy i have this problem: I create a website like this.Index.php have a iframe inside and all link open there with target=”myiframe”I have in a include folder the page that I open inside the iframe: Index.phpInclude/home.php (homepage scr iframe)Include/ferrari.php (content inside talking about Ferrari)Include/bmw.php (content inside talking about BMW) I want to know if is possible that when users found on internet search my external pageInclude/ferrari.php -> http://club.gircina.ro/ include/ferrari.php if they click on link the page open inside iframe and not normal without iframe. I want this beacause the website have header menu footer and if they click onexternal the page not load all of these ThanksHERE a exemple of what I say: http://club.gircina.ro/
  4. i upload the file here: http://club.gircina.ro/gallery/
  5. is not spam, just if you want help me
  6. r35pecta

    Gallery In IFRAME

    hy everyonei have this problem, i have this gallery and i include this last one in one IFRAME when i click on thumbnails inside the IFRAME the image is not opening big because of iframe.if i clcik on thumbnails (like in the example in the attach file) the image is opening big. ATACH FILE:http://www.mediafire.com/?6g3o9q6w0bbnozy Thanks and sorry for my english
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