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  1. What I actually need to know is in the button code:<INPUT id=DEL style="WIDTH: 74px; HEIGHT: 40px" type=button size=17 value=Delete width="200" tabindex="21" onclick=?? name="DEL"> What actually goes in the onclick phrase to correctly call the routine needed for processing. I'm not sure which of the following is true: onclick="Scriptname"onclick="Routinename"onclick="Scriptname.Routinename" I would appreciate information on this!OMR
  2. All,New to VBScript so trying to learn about naming conventions.I know I can create subroutines inside of a script, but don't know:1. If the script itself has to have a name?2. How to call the script and/or subroutines from a button by name?3. How to work with Modules and Class Modules in VBScript?OMR
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