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  1. traxion

    Dir Sort On Date

    thnxthe function "filemtime" was just the one i was looking for :)many thnx
  2. traxion

    Dir Sort On Date

    hey alli'm building a script what needs to show the last 30 edit files of a folder (dir)now i'm looking around for a way to do that, but i only can find one about sorting on name but not on edit date.http://nl2.php.net/manual/en/function.scandir.phpfirst of all is it possible in php to do that?if yes how ?already thnxTraxion
  3. traxion

    Sql Sum Problem

    as a solution i've get now the amount out of the dir on the serverif somebody finds a way to do it with sql, im still eager to hear it
  4. traxion

    Sql Sum Problem

    i've got a mysql table images with a field id, game_id, datum (time in dutch), aantal (amount in dutch) and some more field, but those not mater right nowinside the table i will save the time and game_id of the images and how much there are uploaded, the images names are not saved inside the database. i will pick those out of the maps on the server.now i want to select the last 10 images for example. The idee was that i just needed to calculate the SUM of aantal until i've hit the 10.this can be in 1 record or in 7 records. SELECT SUM(aantal) as b FROM `images` WHERE game_id = 10020 AND b >
  5. traxion

    Sql Order By

    i didn't now that i could create extra fields like thatmany thnx for the help :)topic may be locked
  6. traxion

    Sql Order By

    hey all,currently i have a query SELECT id , titel , type , datum FROM nieuws WHERE bericht LIKE '%$search%' OR titel LIKE '%$search%' UNION SELECT id , titel , type , datum FROM reviews WHERE bericht LIKE '%$search%' OR titel LIKE '%$search%' UNION SELECT id , naam as titel , type , ps3 as datum FROM games WHERE informatie LIKE '%$search%' OR naam LIKE '%$search%' UNION SELECT id , naam as titel , type , opgericht as datum FROM uitgevers WHERE informatie LIKE '%$search%' OR naam LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY `datum` ASC LIMIT 0 , 60 i get data from 4 tabels, which i use in a search form. now i
  7. traxion

    form secure

    hey allim concurrently making a website where users can replaynow i want to build in a security that bots can't post. so like you need to retype some text from a picturei now it's called something, but i cant get the name.. here is an example of what i mean.http://www.megaupload.com/nl/?d=V44J8S44does anybody now how its called?Traxion
  8. oke, thats to badthnx for the info
  9. well, its for an photo-viewer, with the idea that the visitors can view the photos and read the text in 2 windowsalso is the screen to big when a new tab is opened... thats way im askingand to put the problem at the visitors is a bit cheap solution, if you ask me...
  10. Hey all,im heaving a problem with to open a pop-up in IE7, in Firefox or IE6 it just works finethe problem is that IE7 it opens in a new tab and not a pop-up function popup(URL) { day = new Date(); id = day.getTime(); eval("page" + id + " = window.open(URL, '" + id + "', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,location=0,statusbar=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,width=750,height=600,left = 290,top = 162');");} is this a known issue? and how can i solve it?
  11. the link is right now <a href="java script:scroll(0,0)" onclick="verstuur('internet-email.php')">Postvak</a> href is to get the page on the top of the pageonclick i call the function of the ajaxso it should be something lijke <a href="java script:scroll(0,0)" onclick="verstuur('internet-email.php');urchinTracker('mail.php');">Postvak</a> am i correct?i get the error, but im looking on google and found a site that looks good for what i want.. i will go check that out urchinTracker is not defined
  12. hey alli've got a website with build with ajax, everything works fine but the Google Analytics dont lognow i've got a temp solution to put the Google Analytics in de index.php, but this file is only load the first timebecause i use ajax i cant use any javascript on the page, so just putting the code on all page doesn't worksis there a work around to keep stats of the pages load with ajax, with Google Analytics or anther stats website???thnx for the info
  13. uhm.. okefirst of all im not making a forum-site, but a mmorpg (text-base) with a small forum so more then 500 topics i dont aspect.i already update the table "topic" with every replay for the "replays" and i add a extra "time_replay" to it keep the time.that way its not ideal but the sql can do the calculation and not the php so it a update good for now.justsomeguy thanks for the replay:)
  14. i now its not the ideal way to do it. but i dont got the time to change the compleet database structure.right now i've a php fix but that is not ideal.but i was wondering if it is possible in mysql, if not to bad. then i need to think a new way to fix the problem
  15. hey,i've got a forum of 2 tablestable 1 is for the topictable 2 is for the topic_replay CREATE TABLE `topic` ( `id` int(255) NOT NULL auto_increment, `forum_id` int(255) NOT NULL default '0', `login` varchar(16) NOT NULL default '', `titel` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', `message` text NOT NULL, `time` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `replays` int(255) NOT NULL default '0', `soort` int(1) NOT NULL default '1', PRIMARY KEY (`id`))CREATE TABLE `topic_replay` ( `id` int(255) NOT NULL auto_increment, `topic_id` int(255) NOT NULL default '0', `login` varchar(16) NOT
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