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  1. Ok I got itIs there anything else thats wrong with it?
  2. Cool cool thanks Mark Ryan!!!What do you mean that its pretty staticYou also mentioned the form need improvement. What is the problem with it currently? Please explain!
  3. God damn I really want to appreciate CSS more but this thing causes ****ing problems. (pardon my language)http://www.robslounge.comYou will see that the content to the right always gets thrown down but after you refresh the page then its back to normal. Then you go onto a different page and the same damn ****ing problem!! What gives? Any clue on why it does this??? I am using floats on the left and right content container
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    Hey whats up Nate!I like the rollover style when you rollover the text field it changes to whiteYou hand coded it pretty good!The Navigation text is too big [ Home About Contact Archives ] Not feeling the background color [ #333333 ] I was thinking why dont you make the background black and make the text color white?In your posts try adding images. In this page I like the tutorial but try making it more visual. I think it would make the readers understand the coding better [http://ncwebdesigner.info/web-design/how-to-develop-a-menu-with-an-unordered-list/]Please dont write about these kind of
  5. mseerob

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    Hey where's your website link?
  6. Hello please visit http://www.robslounge.comIt is an online blog and portfolio to showcase what I've done.I usedPhp, MySQL, AJAX (Prototype framework) CSS for design layout(If you guys are interested in exchanging link please let me know!)Please share your opinion (be harsh if necessary!) and let me know what you think!
  7. Ok I think I understand because it first counts how many arrays are in $_POST[id] and it will count 3. then I guess with the $i it will increment up to 3 since there'sonly 3 arrays and it loops it through... wow thats cool! I've always wondered why with arrays the beginning number starts at "0" and not "1"??
  8. HEY IT WORKED!!! Your a genius thank you so much justsomeguy (** HANDSHAKE **)How did this work though? I mean I noticed that you used [$i] but i was not sure on how it had any affect on the other arrays ($name and $school)
  9. http://www.robslounge.com/help_multidimensionalarray.phpHello I have a question. what I would like to do is grab the arrays and make theminto a multidimensional array. If you go onto that link above you should seeIDNAMESCHOOLWhat I would like to do is to have a multidimesional array that would loop eg.ID => 1Name => RobertSchool => Dolphin HeightsID =>2Name => KevinSchool => Dawsons Highthen use the foreach statement so then it would goUPDATE `table` SET Name=`****`, School=`****` WHERE id=`***`I hope what Im explaining makes sense.This is the code that I currently have<?i
  10. Hey man thank you for replying to this I really appreciate it a lot you have no clue BUT I figured out another solution that worked!!!<?php require_once('Connections/shoppingcart.php'); ?><? session_start();require("functions.php");if(isset($_POST['Submit'])){// Select Databasemysql_select_db($database_shoppingcart, $shoppingcart);$query_UpdateQuantity = "SELECT * FROM cart";$UpdateQuantity = mysql_query($query_UpdateQuantity, $shoppingcart) or die(mysql_error());$row_UpdateQuantity = mysql_fetch_assoc($UpdateQuantity);$totalRows_UpdateQuantity = mysql_num_rows($UpdateQuantity);// Add
  11. <?php require_once('Connections/shoppingcart.php'); ?><? session_start();require("functions.php");if(isset($_POST['Submit'])){$id = $_POST['id'];$quantity = $_POST['quantity'];$storeprice = $_POST['storeprice'];print_r($quantity);die();$totalprice = $quantity * $storeprice; mysql_query("UPDATE cart SET quantity = '$quantity', price='$totalprice' WHERE id = '$id'");} ?><?phpif (!function_exists("GetSQLValueString")) {function GetSQLValueString($theValue, $theType, $theDefinedValue = "", $theNotDefinedValue = "") { $theValue = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? stripslashes($theValue) :
  12. yeah!!! You know I did read up on some programmers code and I did notice a code like that for eg: quantity[]but the problem Im having is.... Im not sure on how I can make it loop like that? Is there any suggestion on how I can do this?
  13. Hello guys I can not stress this anymore but I am becoming really frustratedI googled a couple tutorials in php shopping cart development but Im still having problems.www.robslounge.com/robs_shoppingcart/The problem that Im having is updating the quantity. When you add the very first item in the shopping cart updating the quantity works fine but once you addthe second item, updating the second item's quantity is not possible but you can still update the first item's quantity. <?php require_once('Connections/shoppingcart.php'); ?><? session_start();require("functions.php");if(isset($_
  14. <html><head><script src="selectuser.js"></script></head><body><form onSubmit="showUsers(this); return false"> <p>Select a User: <select name="users"> <option value="Peter">Peter Griffin</option> <option value="Lois">Lois Griffin</option> <option value="Glenn">Glenn Quagmire</option> <option value="Joseph">Joseph Swanson</option> </select></p> <p> <input name="username" type="text" id="username"> </p> <p> <input type="submit" id="submit_button
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