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  1. hmm interesting idea I will take a look at that.
  2. Thanks for the crits mma I will change the text/submit this weekend for sure and take a look at the text colour as well.Anything else guys?
  3. Yup you are absolutely right, the template is just a freebe I got off the internet all the code behind it is mine. Im just not an artsy person and this project was meant primarily to work on my PHP abilities.
  4. Just to set it up first. This site was taken on entirely as a learning project, that said I think it is a good site, or has the potential to be a good site.It is a DVD movie database. Basically a streamlined version of IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes. Whats good about this site is its very easy to use, not alot of excess garbage and it lets you search by various ways.Sorry if this is coming across as a cheap plug, just dont want people to go there and say that its a bad idea and already been done a million times .http://www.couchpotatoesonline.com
  5. Truly

    Float and Clear

    Hi guys and girls!I have a very basic problem but I am in desperate need of a weekend to work on my css skills, unfortunately that hasnt presented itself yet so hopefully one of you can give me a hand.The site I am working on is a tableless site (I used a premade template since I ###### at css). Now when Im changing stuff in the left menu bar the text in the main middle part of the site is wrapping across. I read that when you use the float:left function, any left over text will wrap around and you need to use clear: left to stop that. Well... I tried that but its not working.code in seperate css file: .floatLeft { float: left; clear: left} relevant code in a php file (there is an include line higher up): <div class="floatLeft width25">blahblahblah</div> so since blahblahblah is so short in height the text from the main section of the site is wrapping across. Help please!!
  6. Truly

    PHP in a sql command

    Hey guys. I am making a script that will take user input and then match it up to information in a sql db. I was going to just select all information out of the database and then use a lot of 'if' statements to see if all the user choices match the database. But I am assuming that this will slow down the site too much once the database gets to contain a couple hundred rows. So is it possible to put php code inside of a sql command? What I want to do is make out sql statement with a 'WHERE' condition and let sql do the finding for me. So to sum up my question, is it possible to have php in a sql command, and if not what is a better way of searching for a script like this.Hope that was a half decent description.
  7. Truly

    Parse Error Problem

    EDIT: I have it now so that it will work if I add it through phpmyadmin but not through my script. I dont get it.
  8. Truly

    Parse Error Problem

    Hey guys. I have once again managed to turn what should be a simple line of code into an epic battle, and once again Im getting my ###### kicked, and once again Im coming to you for help. Do you see a pattern? :)Im trying to insert a row into MySql using this line of code mysql_query("INSERT INTO articles (IDNUM, agroup, title, author, date, `desc`, arttext) VALUES ('5','test','test','test','test','test','67457')"); I removed variables to get rid of any chance.At first it just wasnt doing anything so I put it in the phpmyadmin query window and I got this error: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'mysql_query("INSERT INTO articles (IDNUM, agroup, title, author, date, `desc`,' at line 1 From the little information regarding this problem that I was able to find I think that it has something to do with a reserved keyword Im using. I know desc is reserved. So I put it in ` ` like it said but Im still getting it. Any suggestions?Any help would really be appreciated because this is driving me crazy. Coding is not good for the nerves
  9. haha yeh I finally figured that out, stupid reserved words . Thanks guys.do you know if w3schools has a reference sheet for reserved php words?
  10. I really shouldnt be having this problem but I cant figure out what Im doing wrong$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM articles WHERE group='News'");Is there anything that anyone can see thats wrong with that line? Where 'News' is now there used to be a variable but I even took that out to rule that out. And it works as soon as I get rid of the WHERE. There is definetly a column in the database call "group", it is not index, it is just text and has nothing else special about it.Any help would be great before I start pulling my hair out.
  11. Truly

    Include Function

    Hi guys, as the name says I have a question about the include function. If I have a page that is going to be over 1000 lines of code easily will seperating it into multiple files and referencing them using the include function increase the load time any substantial ammount or will it equal out because it has to grab the info from another file?
  12. Yeh I dont know about scheduling, if you just have a normal hosting plan you probably dont have the access required (from what I know anyways).If I were you I would just code it into the page. Thats what I did when I made a web based irc client. You can go about it one of two ways, either use a database like someone already suggested, or if it is a web based MMO or something like that just have it all go off the clock and calculate the differences. So essentially it just does the work whenever someone loads the page. Sorry if that wasnt a very good description Im pretty tired but I hope you get the idea.
  13. thanks guys i appreciate the replies and will check out those links.
  14. Truly

    Site Management

    i agree with it all except that i say char like the beginning of chart .anyways i just spend the last hour reading his site (its been a long time)
  15. Truly

    Site Management

    Thanks for all the replies, I was just curious to see if I was the only one .As far as blogs yeh I think they are a little over hyped as well, people just love the fact that now the whole world can listen to them talk about nothing. The forget the fact that in most cases no one is going to read it haha.
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