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  1. Haha, yes this seemed to be the problem. Can't believe I missed it. Just for argument sake, is there a simple way to not get the scroll bar and still be able to scroll? edit: or rather to have a scroll bar that doesn't move the design?
  2. Hey there,First time poster here (could'nt find the answer on the site or in the forumtopics). I have this site with the main container centered on the screen. But now there seems to be a problem with the entire site moving a few pixels to the left when 'something' happens. After some lengthy troubleshooting I discovered this happened when the site increased in vertical length beyond the browser window (or beyond something else).It seemed to me I 'broke a box' somewhere but none of my div's have height assigned (as they need to grow with the content). I tried adjusting almost everything but I
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