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  1. Oh, okay, thank you for that little piece of information
  2. Well, I still have it out there as a request and suggestion. I know PHP is good, but, I like Perl just a bit better. I know it is not my choice is they make one, so, I don't want to get into an argument about it.
  3. I am requesting a tutorial be made on Perl, it is a language I am trying to learn but cannot find any good tutorials on, just this book I am reading, but I would like to look it up on the web, also. I thought this might be a good place to have it at.
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    ah, I think that that should help, thank you.
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    How exactly do you work iFrames, i try but I can't seem to work them very well.
  6. Hey everyone, I am pikablu. I joined in hopes that this place would help me to learn javascript. I stink at it right now, and it is hard to get good since I have read all of the tutorials quite a few time. So, Hey.
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