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  1. Thanks for the responses. I decided to go to the w3schools home page and read the ENTIRE css tutorial from the beginning! So... I studied the tut, and took the test, re-read the tut, and took the test, and re-read the tut, and took the test, until I got 100% correct. Then I did the same with the js, html, html5, and css3 tuts. Until I got 100% correct. Along the way, I also went thru EVERY single example, to be sure I understood it. Then....... I GOT IT!! All of it, parts I had forgotten, never understood and new stuff too. Sooooooo... I really want you to know that I gained a lot of appreciation regarding this site! A wonderful process of instruction! The examples made the instruction quite clear and understandable. So thanks, a lot, for the help and directions. Kudos to the creators and supporters of w3schools!
  2. Please help me position a swf on top of an image in a parallax page. I place the swf in the html page and set to transparent, all good. But the positioning of the swf I cannot seem to figure out. Changing size is easy, but how do I position the swf, on a existing .png (which is on a minus z axis) in a specific place. I don't want someone to just write the code for me, I want to learn how and the methodology behind it. I suspect that a ?wrapper? or ?container? is needed. So I thought even a text box would suffice. But I suspect that is the wrong approach. Help, and patience would be appreciated. Thanks Folks!
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