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  1. Hi, all, This is a header of my XML-document: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1250"?><alsX1:VykazPAPSouhrn xsi:schemaLocation="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:PAP:Prehled:v1 CV30_PAP_souhrn.xsd" xmlns="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:PAP:Prehled:v1" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:acc="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:AccountTypes:v1" xmlns:cmn="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:CommonTypes:v1" xmlns:bus="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:BusinessTypes:v2" xmlns:stm="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:StatementTypes:v1" xmlns:alsX1="urn:cz:isvs:micr:schemas:PAP:Prehled:v1"><alsX1:VykazHlavicka> 1. Do I need a local/remote schema to validate the XML-document against schema? IMHO, there's full information in the header.2. How can I validate such document using VBA & MSXML2? I have tried many exampled (found on the web) but no luck so far. :-( Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hi, in MS Access 2007 VBA I'd like to check XML-file / XML-string whether it is well-formed. I don't need to validate XML against XSL (DTD, etc.). I'd like similar functionality as in an online checker @ http://www.w3schools.com/dom/dom_validate.asp, see Verify your XML syntax. 1. Do I need to parse XML? Sample code would be really appreciated.2. Is there an easier way to find out whether the XML is well-formed? Thank you very much for your help in advance.
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