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  1. No but i found the error. The object I wanted to read out had the name "texts" sorry for the trouble :-(
  2. Hello, i am new to xslt and I have a problem. I have a XML file, for example like this: <output> <object> <text id="one"> Example Text 1 </text> </object> . . . <object> <text id="seven"> Example Text 7 </text> </object> . . .</output> And I want to read the Text from <text id="seven"> i tried it with this, <xsl:value-of select="/output/object/text[@id='seven']"/> but it dont works. Can someone please tell me why? Thank you.
  3. Hello, i have a question and hope some on can help me :-) . I have 2 XML files and 1 XSL Transformation. I will show you an example. First one is empty and i want to fill it: <Cars> <vehicle1> <text></text> <attribute> <attributeOne atr1="no"></attributeOne> <attributeOne atr1="no"></attributeOne> </attribute> </vehicle1> <vehicle2> <text></text> <attribute>
  4. Danke für die schnelle Antwort,dann brauche ich ja die for:each auch nicht oder?aber dann wählt er ja sowohl den 2ten und auch den 3ten Test aus weil ja beides mal die gleiche Gruppe ist.
  5. Hello,first sorry for my bad english, i am from germany. I have a xml file (this is just a example) <ROWDATA><ROW NAME="Dert*Test*Nr1" GRUPPE ="Gut*&*fein" /><ROW NAME="Dert*Test*Nr2" GRUPPE ="lecker*&*fein" /><ROW NAME="Dert*Test*Nr3" GRUPPE ="lecker*&*fein" /><ROW NAME="Dert*Test*Nr4" GRUPPE ="Gut*&*fein" /></DATAPACKET></ROWDATA> now i want to read out the NAME attribut, according to the right GRUPPE attribut.For example, if i want to have "Der Test Nr2" <text> <xsl:for-each select="/DATAPACKET/ROWDATA/ROW">
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