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  1. Hello again,I have my site up and running...but a few things aren't working because my bf says I didn't do all of my tags right. I just have a question about opening ending tags.The first thing I know I did wrong was using <p> to make breaks instead of <p> text </p>. I'm currently fixing that. But, I my bf says that since I start my coding for each paragraph like this...<p align="left"> <font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="black"> TextThat I have to finish it like this...Text </font> </p>HERE's my question. If I started my 1st paragraph off like this...<font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="black"> <p align="left"> TEXTCould I leave the <font> tag open until the end of the document (after I have all the text in) to keep from having to type it every line? Example...<font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="black"> <p align="left"> Paragraph </p><p> Paragraph </p><p> paragraph </p> </font>I hope someone will let me know if this is bad coding or not. I hope it's not. Thanks ahead of time to anyone that can help me. Thanks again. Bye!Sincerely,Kiradikash
  2. Hello,I'm only using 3 of the between the links. It looks nice the way I did it. I even tested it in Mozilla...and it looks fine. I just didn't know if it would be considered bad coding to use more than one of the at a time.Thanks for all the help everyone! You're all so great! :-D I hope I can return the favor sometime.Sincerely,Kiradikash
  3. Hello,Thanks to those who helped. I used the to make a sapce and it worked. I had one more question though. Is it bad coding to use more then one of them at a time? like... ... to make the space bigger? I used it more than omce...but if it's bad coding, I'll have to figure out another way to make the spaces bigger.Thank you all for answering my question! It helped me alot. :-)Sincerely,Kiradikash
  4. Hello Everyone,I have a quick question about HTML coding. I am working on a website. I have my pages set up, and the frames in. But I can't figure out how to put a space between links on the same line. For example...lets say I have 5 links... "Home Page", Page 1", "page 2", "Page 3", and "Page 4". When I put the HTML coding for them on my page they ended up looking like..."Home Page""Page 1""Page 2""Page 3""Page 4"How do I get them to look like..."Home Page" "Page 1" "Page 2" "Page 3" "Page 4"I have tried using the number entity for a space ( ) without the braces of course...but I can't get it to work. If you would like me to send you a copy of my coding I can. I just want the links to be along the top of my page so they can get to them from that page. (already have a nav bar on the left...long story)Could anyone pelase help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give.Sincerely,Kiradikash
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