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  1. rluke

    Google snippets

    I am using XHTML . My meta name tags are in lower case. Are you saying that I should change them to upper case? Thanks SkywalkerIs this the only way to control the snippets?
  2. rluke

    Google snippets

    Hello all Can I control or influence the snippets that Google includes in their search results? The snippets that are shown with my sites are usually not the text that I would choose. Thanks Skywalker
  3. Thanks for the replies I wonder how many other mistakes I am making Skywalker
  4. Can I put a robots.txt file in the root directory of each subdomain in my site?Are there other solutions? Thanks Skywalker
  5. Hello Experts I am having trouble with the Google search engine results showing a page that has been renamed. I may have a flaw in the way I edit my webpages.1. I name my pages index.html2. When I make a change, I do it offline.3. Before I upload the new page, I rename the index.html file on the server to indexv1.html or indexv2.html 4. I then upload a new index.html file.5. When I try a Google search, it shows results that include the old renamed files. (indexv1.html) I am only keeping the old renamed files on the server as a backup. I don't want them to be seen by anyone anymore.My Questions: What basic mistakes am I making? Should I be deleting the old files? Am I on the correct section of this forum? Thanks you in advance -Skywalker
  6. Yes, that's me. I am out of retirement. But I am finding out that search engine robots are much tougher than the robot's I used to battle with. If anyone has any tip on dealing with these 'bots' as you call them, please pass them on. As of now, I just want to avoid any 'death blows'. -Luke
  7. Hello all. You seem to be a great group. This is my 1st post. My site has several pages. Each of the subpages is a subdomain. My privacy and contact information are not in a common file, but I have them in each page in a division with a vertical scroll. My question is: Will I get in trouble with the search engines because of 'duplicate content' ? Thanks from the Skywalker
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