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  1. didnt work :)is there a way to get a bigger image onto the page?I use Image shack to upload the images
  2. Hello,Well I have a background picture but the problem is that i cant get a big enough picture to upload so it will work and when i use a small picture it tiles it so how do i get it to stretch and not tile?
  3. Ummm I really dont think i want to hack my computer and i dont have any disks that come with my PC becuase I got it refurbished from tigerdirect and I dont think I have the Windows 2000 disk either
  4. Hello,I was wondering if ASP works with Vista because I have XP home and i thought maybe I could get Vista so it will work
  5. Hello again,I was wondering if there is a free site builder that will allow me to make my own HTML site and will host it for free just for pratice, i did a search but all it came up with was ones that needed no HTML and tutorials for HTML
  6. what about CSS? do i need to know that cause it dosent seem to work for me?and i just looked at the ASP section and i cannot use it because i have windows XP home edition
  7. ok um all i know is HTML i want to learn more so i looked at XHTML and it said it was the same so i just skimmed it. now i want to know what is the next codeing version thing i should learn? and which one will teach me how to make fourms?
  8. ok so what would you guys recomend i try to learn next??? and is Xforms the codeing i would use to make my own forms and or like you were talking about the making a profile and such??o and sry i forgot that you cannot see the other pages but they just say stuff like Test or hello again
  9. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title>Welcome</title></head><img src="http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3328/qrocketne0.gif" alt="" /><center><body>Hello</body></br><input type="" name="" /></br><input type="password" /></br><form action="Pratice 2.htm" method="post"><button type="submit"<b>Login</b></button></form></center></br><a href="Pratice%203.htm">Sgin Up Here</a></html>well this is what i have so far, i couldent get it into a link sry
  10. umm well first sry i wasent sure what form of html or whatever it is so i posted here.I know HTML and thats about it, ill see if i can get a link or somthing up so you can see how i am doing so far
  11. great tyvmnow how do i make it so you have to have the right password/login name to enter
  12. Hello, I found a software called HTML-Kit and i think its like dreamweaver except its free. But the one thing i cannot figure out thats driving me nuts is how to make a password/login name field go where i want it to go when you hit the submit button and how to make the password/login place work for the passwords and login names. if someone could tell me which html version thing teaches me how to do this i would be very thankful, if someone typed up everything here i would be much much more thankful but that might be to hard
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