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  1. Thanks for the help guys.Setting the margin to 0px helped.Thanks for the tips in regards to DIV and SPAN, I'll have to read up on both since I'm not that experienced with either (could you tell? ;-)
  2. Hi.I'm trying to make a menu using <DIV> and stylesheets and have a problem removing the space bewteen the DIVs. I've put a top border on the content DIV and a bottom border on the titlebar DIV (green and red) to encase the space I'm talking about. When viewing the page in IE there is only the single space, but when viewing it in Firefox there is an additional space above the titlebar DIV, I'd like to remove both if possible. If you have any suggestions, help or another way of doing it, I'd appreciate it. <html><head><title>:: My startpage ::</title><style ty
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