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  1. What tools can I (should I ) use to create these images? something like illustrator? can this be done in photoshop?Thanks,
  2. Hi All, New to web design, and I am in the middle of making my first one, and i was trying to get some ideas from existing templates. I ran across a few that caught my eye, and was curiuos to know how to get these certain layouts:http://www.4templates.com/view/website-templates/0/AX0408BLIf you click on the link, and scroll down just a bit, you'll see a sample home page layout of an education site. I was curious to know if anyone knew how to layout the notepads that list the hompage's menu. I'm suspecting this is stuff that needs to be done in photoshop or illustrator? Here's another example
  3. Hi all, I am extremely intersted in developing good web design skills, particularly using flash and pictures. I'm currently knowledgeable with HTML, CSS, and some javascript. I wanted to mainly try and build graphical and animated websites, so I am also planning on learning Flash (actionscript?) and also try and create my own graphics. Now I know that i'm probably gettin WAAY ahead of myself, but i know that i have the drive to (at least try) and learn everything listed above. My eventual goal is maybe learn some server side stuff and database as well (but for now, that is not too importa
  4. Hi all, Anybody know if there's a good PHP IDE out there that I can get for free? Also if the IDE performs auto syntax error checking ? Thanks in advance for any advice.JP
  5. Hi all, I'm interested in developing a business web site for a friend....a little excited and nervous at the same time = )...I'm a java developer, and can probably utilize jsps/servlets with java backend, but the site i'm intending to build probably won't require that much.I was deciding between either ASP or PHP for server-side coding. I just wanted to get some feedback on which might be easier to use, which is more proficient, pros and cons between the two, etc....OR if there's any new language or tool out there that might by easier to build web sites.Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
  6. Hi all, I think my topic title describes my question. I can't seem to figure out how to auto-populate a text box that is right below a drop-down field. When the user selects an item from the drop-down, the selected item should auto populate the text box.Any help is greatly appreicated.Thanks,JP
  7. Hey all, I'm sure this topic has been discussed before, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me on this topic. I have just started a new job as a Java Developer, and lately the whole outsourcing craze has gone up to a whole new level. Where do you guys see IT programming within the US in the future? I am asking since I am having thoughts about switching fields? Thanks, JCP
  8. yes, selacius, you are correct, that is my issue, the table not being at the very top of the screen. Your modification is perfect, however, is using CSS the only method to solve this problem, or is there a way to fix via HTML alone? just curious, Thanks, JP
  9. Hi, I've searched everywhere and could not resolve this..apparently, there are gaps from my table and my browser. Also, I have a text gap in my middle table cell from the top. I have tried to get rid of cellspacing but that doesn't seem to resolve the issue. I am sorry I was not able to provde a screen shot of my problem, but the code is below. The "gap" problem resides at the top of my table. I'm thinking it could be a default header issue? Thanks in advance, John Park <HTML><TITLE>Welcome to EDMTalk! Login or Register Now!!</TITLE><body><table border="0" w
  10. wow, that was fast! thank you all so much, it worked, thanks a lot!JP
  11. Hello, I am a newbie on this site, hope to get a lot of great advice form all the gurus out there : Anyways, can anyone take a look at this code and tell me how to get rid of the gaps between the tables? Thanks in advance and again, great to be here!JohnCP <html><head><title> Page title</title></head><body><table width="75%" align="center" border="0"><tr><td width="100%" colspan="3" bgcolor="black"><font color = "white"> This is the heading or the top Row <br><br></td></tr><tr><td width="20%" bg
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