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  1. Hi Guys,I want to know about message box in classic ASP.please see my code below.If I Click a link then It will show a msg box.<script language="vbscript"><!--Sub alertme_onloadreturnvalue=MsgBox("Are You Sure To Delete ?",4,"") if (returnvalue==True) then // if i click yes then delete the Table session("a")=b // using session objects strSql = delete from Table where branch <> '"&session("a")&"'" conn_str.Execute.strSqlelse// no change end ifEnd Sub//-->If any one know how to do if i click Yes button then only Delete the Table.Other wise no need to delete the Table.Thank you.-Raja
  2. Hi! Guys!I want to Export Excel file from ADO Record Set using Classic ASP. If anyone know help me to generate Excel file with ADO Recordset.Thanks.Azhagan
  3. Hi! All !I'm new in ASP Program.I want to know about Page Break & Page Numbering in ASP (Not in ASP.Net).I use few recordsets in ADO Connection to display records in a same Page with Page Break option.It's look like below : <% if not rsF1.eof or not rsF2.eof then %> <br style="page-break-after:always;" /> <% else %> <br style="page-break-after:avoid;" /> <% end if %>I use Table Definitions to show records with session Objects.Like below :<% if not rs1.eof or not rs2.eof then %><table>// Here Show the seesion values</table><% end if %> <% if not rsF1.eof or not rsF2.eof then %><table>// Here Show the seesion values</table><% end if %> Here I use 4 record sets with Table definitions.Perviously I use PageNumber with Default in Print Preview ( &w&bPage &p of &P)It Shows all Pages with Pagenumber. But I need to show Page Number in each Page with if Page Break exists.Plz send any ideas to do Page Nmbering in ASP.For Ex : Page 1Customer Details:Branch List :No. Name ID 1. Peter 12345 2. Jhon 98068 3. Reon 81234..........and so onPolicy List :No. Name ID 1. Johan P78654 2. Jolie P70723 3. Vinay P50932..........and so on Page 2Employer Details:Main List :No. Name ID 1. Viera 63245 2. Sumon 73456 3. Eddy 32897..........and so onSub List :No. Name ID 1. Binoy E98012 2. Sami E70723 3. Robert E50932..........and so on........... and so many pages.If need more details plz send email to me. azhagan_2k6@yahoo.co.inThanks & Regards,Azhagan.
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